Parenting a BillboardGui to ScreenGui will cause it to show up on the screen as well as in the world

Since last week-ish(?), parenting a BillboardGui to a ScreenGui would cause it to render both as a 2D UI element and in world space.

This “Focus here” prompt shown here is parented to a script inside a frame.

Here’s a repro of the issue. (16.2 KB)

What use case are you doing this in?

Side note: Love the music.

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I parented the BillboardGui to the script controlling it for convenience sake. That script also controls all the button interactions so I have it in the same frame as them.

Also thanks! :smiley: I did all the music myself using soundation.

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This is the same issue: Billboard guis appearing massive?

We’re working on a fix.

Ah, sorry about that. Had no idea.

Glad to hear a fix is coming!

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