Parkour, Custom gun system, server-sided viewmodels, and more!

This post is about my movement FPS game which i recently started work on, however have already made decent progress, I will show my custom 3D GUI, basic movement system, and gun system

while my parkour system is still a very big work in progress I have the basics, Mantling/Wall Climbing, and Wall hopping.

This system uses ray casts to look for walls and if the player should mantle, wall hop, or do nothing.


This was quite hard for me because i’m quite new to raycasts, however fastcast really helped me create a pretty nice system. It currently has reloading, and a whole settings module im working on for easier use later on. (not done at all). Gun model place holder.

*Slightly old video

While this isn’t anything spectacular, I find that most roblox FPS games have a viewmodel animation and tool animation, but why not make the viewmodel on the server? I saves alot of time while looking even better.

(screen shot from server, not client)

Every game uses gui, however, I find that 3d gui looks and feels smoother, so I made my own, and I am terrible at gui and it was my first time ever making surface guis really. (not completely done, also scales on devices which is quite hard to do with surface guis)


I am open to any suggestions or feedback on what i should change or add, also a game name idea would be nice.

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Not really the best as there is too much jittering going on and I find it weird how the player jumps when vaulting and he animations overall look very janky. I suggest fixing them but other than these things, it looks amazing! Good job!

For that, you must tell us what the game is about. I suggest looking through to find some good similar cool words for your game which you can use as the name.

yeah i know about the animations are bad, for me, i think the vault aniamtions are find, however i know the gun and ui feels janky, but i actually fixed it that was an old clip sorry, now the gun and ui sway is slower and smoother. thank you for feedback

also about the jumping when vaulting, i know however the game is not in third person and instead in first, and its not as noticable on server side, so its not as big of a problem as it looks, and trust me its a lot smoother than the non physics based option of tweening, i retried it like 12 times until i foudn the smoothest thing

Alright, can you show us the new gun framework? I find this interesting.

i didnt change much because ive been focusing on the parkour, like right now im remaking the mantle lol. There arent animations yet because i want to get the harder stuff out of the way first, but ill get a video RQ. it wont look much different cause as i said before there arent animations

ok i mean it looks the same lol but trust me its alot smoother in game
ok i got the right video finnaly

also ignore the end part