Part Creator [Plugin]

What is Part Creator?

Part Creator as the name says is a plugin that creates parts and meshparts.

Why install Part Creator?

1) Recommended for small screens

2) Anchored = true
Something I hate is when I create a part and… Anchored = false.
When you create a part with Part Creator the anchored = true.

3) 30 parts and meshparts


1) Dark and light theme
Part Creator has dark and light themes choose the one you like the most!

2) Default and compact mode

Compact mode

Default mode

3) Custom MainFrame


Update log


MainFrame, Configuration, Information, Main, Dark/light theme, and Default/Compact mode.

Install Part Creator

Part Creator - 2022 - Made by TOM!


I can definitely see this being useful for many builders or modelers on the Roblox platform!


In this case, why not just use F3X?

Other than that, I do like the UI, and the wide variety of the meshes and parts you can make.

But still, why this instead of F3X?


Or just insert a part using the Roblox Studio interface and have a mesh pack next to your build?


I’m sorry but these useless plugins are beginning to get out of hand… I mean, what compelled you to create this?


Part Creator only creates parts and meshparts.

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I didn’t explain it in the post?


It seems that you did not read the post.

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I really don’t see the point of your plugin, recommended for small screens is not a selling point. At least make it more useful. Also please use different icons instead of stuff in Robloxs directory (it looks like they are ones created by Roblox), Robloxs icons are really inconsistent.

Edit: Actually, some of the parts provided are useful, but there’s not much point in providing parts that can be created using the parts drop-down.


Thank you for linking the post I couldn’t find it!!1!!1


Also, your UI doesn’t look to be centered, which is a tiny bit annoying.

I’d hardly call your plugin compact when the part drop-down box in the Home tab is far smaller.

0:11 in the video provided, I’m not sure if your plugin gets the themes automatically but I believe you can check using StudioService on whether someone has light or dark mode enabled

0:16, spacing is not consistent between text labels and I wouldn’t personally put update information in the about page. If your plugin doesn’t already do this, you should add an update checker to it.

0:52, your scrolling frame doesn’t have a large enough CanvasSize since in compact mode, you can’t insert certain parts by the looks of it. Try seeing if AutomaticCanvasSize can fix that.

Hope this helps you @Tinfloco_Sushi


But I mean if you’re only taking the positive replies into account, I like the ui


instead of making new parts anchored by default, i just create a new part and press alt + a
it’s not that much of a hassle!
i don’t get the point of this, it’s just a plain plugin to create parts with just one difference between the roblox-built one and this, i understand you built it for small screens but there’s a quick shortcut to creating parts, AND this plugin takes up space just like the original roblox interface
i saw your video and all i see is the good ol’ basic parts and random meshes (that some of them are utterly useless and searchable in the toolbox)


Meshparts are professional parts.

Omg Omg Mesh Parts Are Only For Pros In Roblox Studio Omg Omg Helpp I Cant Create Meshes In Roblox !!!
but seriously, you can search them up on the toolbox (or that may not be possible)


Make your own plugin. :expressionless:
Is my first plugin.

I have made 4 and I’m working on a 5th, I don’t see much point of a part inserter unless you actually have some unique parts, which it looks like you do have, but some parts are inaccessible, re read my reply

I just want to provide honest advice to you.


Cringe post. Please more seriously

Please constructive comments
No hateful comments

Don’t listen to rude comments, but take their critique[ if they have ones].

Considering it’s your first plugin, you did a good job overall.

My notes:
-Add useful shapes and bricks that could be more useful , and make people want use it.
-Gui looks cool, might want to change the buttons’ icons , but good job.

Now here is my entire thought,
when you make a plugin, you need to make it do something useful 100%, not only half % or something like that. I do realize you spent your time on it, and I think it has a potential.
Plugins, unlike models, are tools that are intended to be second-hand tools to help developers.
I ain’t saying your plugin is completely useless, no . But please add more stuff into it. Make it unique, so people would want to use it. [People expect to see good and 100% useful plugins, they’re lazy and sometimes furious to remove it after they’ve installed it].

Getting criticized can be though sometimes, but sadly - without them, where would we be at?