Part Distortion/Refraction

This is probably really far fetched, but doing something like this would take Roblox graphics to the next level. What I am proposing to do is have a new Class type or property (I’m not really sure how to go about implementing this) for distortion. This would be really useful for effects such as representing gravity or invisibility.

Here is a sample of what I mean:

It is clear there is an object there because of the way the light is distorted compared to the rest of the world. However, it is still much harder to discern from the rest of the world compared to just using something like transparency.


support (: ; since they already got distortion for smooth terrain water


oooooo YES good point :smiley:


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Yeah, something like a Distortion property for BaseParts. On a similar note, I feel like the reflection engine should be changed to actually show reflections.


This is a very complex thing to do, especially when trying to render at 60fps, and especially with moving (non-static) objects. Many games fake this effect. It isn’t as simple as just “changing the engine” to perform lifelike reflections.

Games usually have to predetermine “skyboxes” in various locations that are pre-rendered to map to reflections. So this doesn’t work for many games with moving environments.

If you look at games with cars, they have beautiful reflections but you’ll notice cars never reflect other cars. Only the world. This is an example of a flaw, but it’s heavily unnoticed due to the genre of game.


I wonder if this would be able to be created with a custom shader.

I’d love to see this in the engine. It’d allow for some pretty cool possibilities (cloaking fields, for example).

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Oh god yes! So many cool possibilities with this, we could replicate things such as cloaking a player like they do in planetside2 and have a property where we can set how distorted it is

Maybe another cool feature for this would be like applying a texture or an outline to the distortion to do things like showing when a distorted player or vehicle is on your team

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This is acttually something I wanted to request soon lol
I thought of distorting the environment based on the part’s shape.
So maybe we could insert some “distortion object” into a MeshPart/Union/any other part and then we could set some properties under such object.

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you ever saw smooth terrain water at graphics lvl 10 ? it got rather pleasing real time reflections of most parts and textures on the screen .

Roblox may attempt to give us some sort of similar reflection tough i suggest them to lower the reflection quality (blurring out the reflection) in order to make it less hardware demanding …there are actually many other ways to make real time reflections more performance efficient …

For example some games only show the lowest LOD ( a low poly version of a model ) as reflection result …most games reduce the reflection quality as far that the result is just a colorful splotch …and often the reflection range is extremely reduced and shopped off.

It would already please me if part reflectance would show a color full splotchy silhouette of the very nearest objects around it … more isnt needed .

This is a screen space reflection, not a cubemap.

Roblox does not have high and low poly versions of models, so I’m not sure how you think these rapid cubemaps could be generated.

iam not sure i only pointed out one of many examples :neutral_face: