Part flickering with my custom camera

basically, the way this camera works is:
it’s 1750 studs away and has 1 fov, creating the “2d” effect on the parts, but whenever you’re on 1-3 graphics it’ll make some parts disappear and flicker, which isn’t very good because it makes the game literally unplayable as soem whole stages will be invisible. any ideas on how to prevent this?

The Graphics Properties below 4 have a StudViewLimiter set on them, which means, any part which is a certain stud count away from the Camera will not be rendered, setting the Graphics Settings to anything higher will Significantly increase the Render Distance, now I know you dont want to remake this entire system to not rely on stud distancing, but there’s other things you can do.

You can force the graphics properties of a player to be above 3 using the UserSettings() Singleton

You can also warn players of a botched experience if their Graphics level is below 4

Other than that, try creating a system that views the studs much closer with different FOV, as no matter what you do the Graphics Settings will always have a Render Limiter below 4

thank you, i’ll test it tomorrow whenever i have time

It looks like you are trying for a 2d look, so why not make the camera side scrolling as suggested here: Controlling the User's Camera | Roblox Creator Documentation

side scrolling camera already works and is not the problem, the 1 fov 1750 studs away is for the parts to look flat like that, those are actually 3 studs wide

That can be fixed by using this resource.

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Couldn’t you do that by having all the Parts Transparent and just putting a decal on their front face? That way the 3d look will disappear, but you can still move the camera closer

I think he’s doing the same thing, I’m afraid I don’t know how to fix his issue. My only suggestion is making sure CurrentCamera.Focus is set correctly, it may make a difference.

that’s a lot of extra work, i’m going ahead and testing tetraic’s solution now before resorting to doing that