Part size limits too small for my volumetric sound environment

In my city roleplay game, I have a Lake that borders the map; being over 8194 studs long. However, I also want a water ambience when the player is near the water.

The issue is that I am using Roblox’s Volumetric Sound beta for these water sounds, but a single part cannot be larger than 2048 studs. The lake is supposed to be at least 4 times that limit, and I want the sound to roll off with distance.

Currently, I simply placed Sound emitters in the parts to take advantage of volumetric sound, however if a player is within two sound emitter sizes between two water parts, sounds will overlap and sound quite bad.

I am considering using Regions for sound instead, but I am unsure if regions would produce effects similar to volumetric sounds; sound roll-off and full volume in certain place, and was curious for any alternates.

Are you having trouble just figuring out how to get the sounds to roll off near each other but not overlap?

So you are using 4 emitters placed in linear fashion across the lake?

To begin, I would use this plugin, to visualize where your roll off points are, this will help. I dont know the shape of your lake or the placement of the emitters, but some might not need roll off at all:

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I use that plugin, but this does not provide a solution to the emitters overlapping.

The emitters are placed in a linear fashion, and use volumetric sound. The lake borders the map and will be in a straight line.

The emitters do not have to be in the lake parts, they can be in separate parts that each have an emitter that has a rolloffmaxdistance that does not overlap the other.

Sound regions is an alternative though… and yes they do have roll off features.

Separate parts or not, the size is still limited the same.

I will look into sound regions, but I assume there are no alternatives to my situation?

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Not that i am aware of . . . .

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