The Volumetric Sounds Beta is Here

Hey there Roblox Developers!

Have you ever wanted to add sound design to a large object like a waterfall, or ambient sounds to a big environment like a city? Today we are happy to introduce a brand new beta feature called Volumetric Sounds!

This feature is a change in the way sounds behave when childed to Block, Ball, and Cylinder Parts.

Previously, childing a sound to a part made it emit from a single point at the center of the part. This is no longer the case. Childing a sound to a Block, Ball, or Cylinder part now makes the sound emit from every point on the surface of the part, dynamically changing with its dimensions.

What does this mean exactly? Well, when you child a sound to a part, now the RollOffMinDistance and RollOffMaxDistance of the sound are measured from the surface of the part. When you’re inside the part, the sound will play all around the player just like music in headphones.

It’s one thing to read about the change, but it’s another to hear it for yourself! Check out this video demonstration. Headphones Strongly Recommended

When you exit the part the sound will gradually become more directional. Your perception of “how wide the sound is” will change depending on the size of the part and how close the listener is. Take a look at these images to get a better idea of how a Volumetric Sound will be perceived.

Here’s an example using an anchored non-collidable part the size of the city, and childed a looping ambiance sound to it.

Notice how Listener A is further from our city, giving them a more directional soundscape and narrower sonic field than Listener B. The smaller your part, the less pronounced this change will be.

We think you will be amazed at the opportunities this feature opens up for the soundscapes in your experience. Here are some cool potential use cases!!

  • Create a waterfall sound that feels as large and powerful as you want!
  • Attach the ambient sounds of your forest area to a giant Part to give them a location in your world.
  • Attach the music for your concert experience to a huge part around the stage, to make the music fill the space.

Important Note: Currently this feature supports Block, Ball, and Cylinder Parts, all other Part Shapes, Meshes, and Models will be unchanged for now but are being worked on!

This feature is available for Opt-In Beta now!
If you would like to opt-in, open Roblox Studio and head to “File > Beta Features > Volumetric Sounds” and enable it!

Thanks so much to the great audio team who helped make Volumetric Sounds happen!


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A very much needed change for the community, this deprecates the requirement to use custom zone handling just to play different ambiences! ^v^

Could this support for custom bodies in the far future? Would love to design meshpart zones for higher accuracy.


This is great, thanks for another useful feature roblox!


Really looking forward to utilizing this to create expert level soundscapes for all my games moving forward! I already fake some volumetrics, but this is going to be NEXT LEVEL stuff.


This is awesome stuff! I’m looking forward to all the new sound changes you guys are coming out with, this one is certainly going to be useful for local soundscapes in my own sound design work :slight_smile:

Now, where’s that physically based audio and HRTF stuff… :stuck_out_tongue:


This is going to be such an improvement to audio! I’ve had to script my own volumetric sounds forever.

I hope this will also make it easier to script pseudo sound reflections, custom mesh shapes would especially help in the future.


I am a HUGE fan of sound design in games. I believe it can make or break a game. I cant for materials to effect and dampen sound, but this is an amazing first change. You really can hear the difference with headphones. This is amazing for immersive 3D environments.

How does this compare to sounds in attachments? Do they behave the same now, or are they slightly different still?

Awesome job! Cant wait to see more sound improvements in the future.


i Really love it! soo amzing for vibe places and radio zones!!!


This is a massive change for games like ER:LC and other games with police cars and tons of other sound effects moving around your world, Plus you already know its a good update when it already has 80+ freaking likes after 11 minutes of the post being published


Does this apply to assemblies as well? Since the largest part is like 2048x2048x2048 is it possible to have a collection of parts within a model to apply a sound to for larger maps? Or would a custom solution need to be utilized?


this is amazing!! i’d love to see some uses for this, games are gonna feel a lot more alive now!!


This is something that has been on my wish list of features for a long time now. Great to see yet another major improvement to development on the platform has arrived!


Volumetric sounds is a game changer for sure! I’ve always wanted this feature. I have waterfalls in my game and this will make the sounds and the player experience much more realistic. Can’t wait to utilise volumetric sounds for other environmental settings. :grin:

This would be great for crashing ocean waves, background noises for different rooms in a single building…etc


This is great! I’ve always thought it should be this way.

Will it be possible to have multiple objects emit the same ambient sound? This feature is great, but not every city is a perfect rectangle. For example we might want to place identical sound emitters along a long winding river, but currently this results in ugly sound overlap and volume seams.


Yes, yes, YES, and YESSS. This will be so useful!


I’m assuming yes, but if we parent sounds to an attachment do the sounds act just like before?
Other than that, updates that allow for simple stuff without scripting is always welcomed


Seems really cool, I can’t wait to implement this into my game. :+1:


Much needed update! Will be excited to get to use this in some of my games!


Just insert a sound into SoundService, it will play no matter where you are on the map.