Particle Emitters randomly getting deleted from game

Recently I have been running into a problem in my game where suddenly all of the ParticleEmitters inside of my game will be deleted. I don’t notice the exact moment it happens, but it has now happened 2 times, and I am unsure of why it is happening.

It is just ParticleEmitters that appear to be affected by it. There are no scripts in the game which affect any Particle emitters, or the Parent bricks.

There are over 30 ParticleEmitters in my game, so as you can imagine it is a bit tedious and annoying to have to go back and redo the particle emitters every single time.

Thank you!

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Do you have any plugins that might be deleting them?

Could you please update your post to meet the following guidelines? How to post a Bug Report

Closing this out, as we’re still waiting on more info. Thanks again for the report, OP! If you’re still having this issue, please file another report with more information.