ParticleEmitter Plane Locking

As a Roblox developer, it is much too difficult to create effective rain particles (as an example) due to the inability for particles to be locked to a specific plane as determined by it’s parent’s orientation. Particles turn towards the camera like billboard GUIs and surely no one wants sideways rain.

With [a property/some properties] regarding plane locking particles, particles can further contribute to outstanding maps and usage of them, such as the rain idea discussed in the initial paragraph. In a number of cases, particles turning to face the desirable can be unsightly where maps focus on attention to detail, and making brick particles isn’t an insanely great alternative.


Support. Expanding on this I think that ParticleEmitters should have an axis lock property that will essentially lock the rotation of the particle onto 1 axis. It would seriously expand the functionality of particles and allow stuff like longer particle bullets, longer particle sparks, longer particle fireworks, longer particle rain, etc.