Particles appearing differently in game vs studio

I am trying to create a muzzle flash effect for my viewmodel. The particles are kept inside a Attachment, inside the viewmodel. In studio, the particles appear how I want them to, however, when I test the game some of the particles aren’t showing up or not appearing correctly. The strange thing is, I have another gun with the exact same particles and it is appearing correctly.

How the particles should appear: (in studio)

How the paricles are appearing: (in studio test mode ingame)

Any reasonable explanation for this? This has been very frustrating to deal with.

Is your graphics quality in your Roblox settings maybe set low? Sometimes that reduces particles to avoid lag for not so good devices.

No, I have graphics turned all the way up. I also have a very high end PC.

Both graphics? there is studio graphics settings, and in game graphics settings.

Yes, both are max. This is a studio bug. The particle appears normally in game, just not in studio play testing from what it seems.

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Have you tried this workaround? You might be emitting different amount of particles in each scenario: