Particles in a Viewport Frame

In my game, I want a shop where the items are using ViewPort Frames to spin the object which I have successfully achieved, but there is a section in the shop that is for particle effects. Is there any possible way Particles can appear in ViewPort Frames?


Particles don’t render in ViewportFrames, ever. That’ll probably not change in the near future.

If you’re selling particle effects in a shop and want a preview, I recommend making a frame-by-frame animation of the effect. I did this in Fisticuffs before the advent of ViewportFrames, if you want an example.


Would it be possible to keep the object in the ViewPort Frame to continue it spinning, but possibly animate the particle effects above it?

It might look a little weird, but you could probably pull it off for certain particles. Layering an animated ImageLabel right over it should do fine in that case. Just make sure whatever you end up showing them is pretty damn close to what they’re actually buying and you’re probably be good :+1:

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Please bump and support this feature request! I would love for viewports to support particles!


Hey, can you give me some explanation on how you animated the particles in the viewport frame?

I didn’t. It’s essentially a flipbook of a screen recording. I created the animation using image slice properties and creating what is basically a spritesheet wherein it cycles through the images. ScreenToGif is a great free and open source tool that you can use to record and edit the limited number of frames; beyond that, it’s just a matter of finding software to arrange the frames within in a grid. I don’t remember what I used for that, unfortunately.