Particles in Viewport Frames

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to show particles in viewport frames. If Roblox added this, plenty of developers would be able to add unique effects in GUI’s. I myself would like to have confetti fall from the top of the screen and this would be a perfect way of going about doing this. Thank you!


That’d be a cool feature I’d use. Especially for local snow and rain that interacts with the environment but turns off when inside.


Yeah I was going to say weather would help a lot too!


This is the only other feature I can see that would make ViewportFrame usage a lot more widespread. Inventories are typically not able to use ViewportFrames because cool weapons/items with particles cannot be shown properly. Thumbnail images that are created that show the particles on the weapon/item are typically lower quality than they would be with ViewportFrames because particles have to be manually edited into the thumbnail of the item - green screens do not usually work well, depending on the particle. This is a bottleneck for a lot of developers that don’t have the resources or money to hire someone to create thumbnails for their game.


This is my main use-case for needing a feature like this. In my shop, I sell particle-effects (and weapons) that players can equip. I want players to be able to preview the items properly in the shop UI before buying them. Right now I’m stuck with the green-screen method, which is less than ideal because that’s 2x more image assets the client has to load and store in memory.


Sorry about bumping this feature request over a year later, but it’d be absolutely useful for me right about now. I understand giving ViewportFrames that ability will be more of a burden to computers, but I’d be happy if the particle effects just barely rendered, so long as they showed up.

I’m also making a shop with particle effects for my game, and my current alternative is having an in-game display go through particle effects stored in a folder. Although it’s proven to be pretty easy to make, I find it inconvenient, and I imagine showing them with ViewportFrames would be a better method.


This is still a much needed feature. It doesn’t need complete feature parity with non-viewportframe particles but the lack of particle support makes it incredibly hard to make cool UI effects for in-game items 90% of the time.


I support, I still need this feature. I used to kind of get around this by uploading models with particles to the site and then getting the thumbnail of it, but Roblox doesn’t even support this anymore for some reason. I don’t feel like making a custom animation either.


This feature would still be useful! We need this!


Please add this feature!! I couldn’t make the engaging UI experience that I had in mind because of this limitation with viewport frames. :pray::pleading_face::pray::pleading_face::pray::pleading_face:

Tools in ViewPortFrame PLSSSSSSSSSS

I hope this gets considered as a to-add feature as I’m in need of this feature currently, as I wish to demonstrate in-game items with particle effects in them. Found out that ViewportFrames don’t support the rendering of ParticleEmitters.

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Bumping this for a third time with the addition of the new issue/FR triaging tools. In 2019 I was told that this was not on the roadmap for the foreseeable future. Lots of things that, at the time, were not on the roadmap have been released. Can this be evaluated? It’s still a major blocking issue for my adoption of ViewportFrames.

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It’s probably a bit late but I actually made a simple version of a viewport frame particles that people could use. The code is bad as it was made couple years ago now.

You can probably look into it if you guys need any features from lmk.

The current ViewpartEmitter uses tweens which…was a huge mistake on my part. I don’t know if this is something that people use so never really bothered updating it.

It really has always been possible to have custom particles inside a viewport frame. You just have to be patient enough to create it.

Bump, would be useful feat to me right now.


As a fullstack programmer and visual effects designer, this would be phenomenal! It would allow for even more modern, advanced UI, such as showcasing an ability within the frame, or a cosmetic.