Particles in viewport frame

Hi, is there any way in showing particles in a viewport frame? If so, how?

No, particles do not render in ViewportFrames as far as I am aware. You can work around it by either using images and tweening them (which is tedious), or placing a particle emitter inside a transparent part positioned right in front of the player’s camera.

There’s a particle emitter on the rig which is a part of the viewport, is that what you mean?

Particles do not show on vewportframes at the moment.

@Maximum_ADHD has a module alternative to viewportframes that support particles that he’s made before viewportframes were a thing.

Can you link to the post? That would be very helpful!

No, the ViewportFrame won’t show the particle emitter on the rig because ViewportFrames don’t support rendering particles. You can slightly work around it by positioning an invisible part with a particle emitter right in front of the camera where the rig would be.

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You can try this one maintained by @TheNexusAvenger : Module3D V6.1 (ViewportFrame Implementation)
If this doesnt work for you, just use an older version that doesnt implement viewportframes.