Particles should have an option to only rotate on their primary axis

As a developer, it is currently too hard to make good looking bullets and sparks from particle emitters simply because if the texture used for the emitter isn’t a symmetrical shape like a square or circle, it looks all wonky because no matter which way the emitter is facing the textures always come out facing up.

I propose an option to lock the particles on all rotation axis except for the primary axis which would be the axis that is going from the emitter location to the particle location. This would work similarly to how trails work in that when face camera is enabled the trail segment is allowed to rotate on its primary axis in order to face the camera.


This would allow for rain too, which is currently impossible because it falls horizontally when you look straight up :(


We have discussed a somewhat different option previously that seems like it would still satisfy this use case, which is to have an option to align particles along their velocity vector.


yeah that would be very preferred actually

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