Partner with us to lift your pvp game monetization 3-4x

Hi, we’re a new Roblox developer looking to work with talented developers who have PvP games that are already out and have some players.

We have significant expertise and other resources we can bring to the partnership to help you implement best practices from the free-to-play mobile gaming world in terms of store design, game economy, and live operations. We’ve worked on and with Subway Surfers, Rocket League, Forza, Hot Wheels Race Off, Zynga Frontierville, Star Wars Rebels, and other huge hit games and brands! Yes, we’re old…er :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re experienced indie developers who have worked at Ubisoft, Gameloft, Zynga, Disney, and Mattel. We know how to how to develop fun ideas for updates and new features that kids love and how to maximize monetization of those features.

Reply here with a link to your game or DM @joesefez#3706 on Discord.

We will only be able to consider finished games that have some statistics already so we can analyze and help decide on your game’s growth potential.

Thank you and looking forward to speaking with you and playing your games!


hey! I would love a investment, I have a round based game and it’s just about to release i have sent you a friend request on discord, @GrinchDeveloper#6312

Thanks! :smiley:

EDIT : We can talk more in discord if you want.

Investments are not allowed in the forums.

And rule 17.1 says you can’t give currency away either.


Where does it say that? It says partnerships are allowed. This is a partnership imo :slight_smile:

Look at my edited post, I gave the link. Where does it says partnerships are allowed? Cause if so, I’m interested! :smiley:

That seems to refer to asking for investments, not offering.

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You are correct as far as I see. We would not break the rules of the forums.

This one does specify offering as well.


Can you show any proof that you worked for these games ?


Oh, I see. Thanks for clarifying.

Contact me on discord, I will share my LinkedIn with you.

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