PartPicker: A plugin for selecting parts with matching properties, meshes, and tags


I made a plugin that does <thread title here>. Useful if you want to modify the properties (e.g. color, material) of a lot of parts at once.

This also has plugin actions, so you can activate it with a hotkey. Bind the hotkey via File->Advanced->Customize Shortcuts. The shortcut is named “Activate PartPicker.”

Short demo:



[Breathe in] :pray: THANK YOUU!!!

This is the development plugin of my dreams! A million thanks for creating this!


Hey, fantastic plugin! I’ve been using it since you made this post and it’s saved teams I’ve worked with a signfiicant amount of time.

Would you be interested in making a feature which allows you to toggle between the scope of a selected model rather than the entire workspace? I’m in a situation where I’d want to change the colors of the exterior of one building in a city which has multiple copies of the same model, at the moment the best way to do this is just to open another studio session, copy the model in there and do the operation and then paste the model back into the game, which could be avoided if this feature existed.


I think he just showed how to select a model individually in the video, so that you only modify that selection, finding anything that matches in that selection only.

Edit: Clicking an option in ‘Operations’ and then clicking on the model/building you only want to find the parts in.


If that building is it’s own model, select the model, activate the tool, set the operation to “New selection from matches in current selection”, and then click the part with the same color as the parts you want to select in the model: