Parts from my toolbox spawn very far away

Okay so im trying to make a game and when ever i would spawn a part from the toolbox it would always spawn very far away.

There is nothing that i can think of that may help.

If anyone could help me that would be greate.

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Did you try moving the part closer?

Spawning a part is a matter of setting where it goes. For example in a script:

    local model = ReplicatedStorage.model:Clone()
    model.Parent = workspace
    model.PrimaryPart:MoveTo(Vector3.New(1, 1, 1) --your pos here


You can set a PrimaryPart in a model by opening it up and selecting a part.

Here is a good reference link: Is there a way to change models position

Also just a suggestion don’t stick too much to toolbox models, stuff like that is much harder due to you not knowing the makeup as well.

A matter of moving a toolbox model is pretty simple, if you don’t know how to do it please look it up.

Hope this helps!

If this does not help please be more specific; show your code and some photos.

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Like when i spawn a part in studio or something from the tool box it would spawn like under the map.

OH! What you will want to do is find the model in the workspace and press F. Then you will find it and you can pull it up.

Try it, please let me know if it works.

If you mean in general they will probably just spawn at 0,0,0 or near it. Some central point.

  1. spawn the part

  2. Set part position to 0,0,0

  3. Press the part in the workspace and click F on your keyboard.

Yes I know but it spawns very far away to the point I can’t see the main template.

That you so much! It worked! I am working on a new Roblox Roleplay game.

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