Parts missing / not streaming in?

Since Friday (2 days ago), there has been an issue going on at our game (😱 BAKE DA BABY - Roblox) and we’ve been receiving dozens of reports about it, even though the last big update was on Sunday (7 days ago).

There are random parts missing at random times, but sometimes everything is fine. They are probably not being streamed in reliably.

Weirdly enough, this issue also emerged out of nowhere around the 9th of February, when we had dozens of reports incoming, and this happened thousands of times, but it has only lasted 1-3 days and has also disappeared randomly.

Expected behavior

Images of parts missing/ how it is supposed to look like:



We are investigating. Thank for the report.


We have made a change intended to resolve this. Please let us know if this continues to occur.


This has been happening to me in studio for a few days now on every game I open. It looks like the same behavior as what happened here, but this occurs inconsistently. Objects also change their size / render incorrectly