Pastriez Bakery Admin Usage Guide

This guide is critical for the use of administration commands within our management team. Breaking these policies will result in punishment.

Admin Knowledge :thinking:

According to rank, you will have a certain admin level.

Staff Assistant - General Manager: Moderator (LEVEL 1)
Board of Directors - Head of Directors: Administrator (LEVEL 2)
Junior Corporate+: Super Administrator (LEVEL 3)

Available Commands :innocent:

These commands are available to all Medium Rank+. These should be used wisely.

:respawn (:rs)
:kick (with a reason)
:h (Only to announce trainings, job applications, and/or something important)
:pm (To communicate with other staff)
:to/bring (Need permission from the other person)
:clr (Used to clear UIs stuck on a user’s screen)

Any other command is considered “ADMIN ABUSE” which is a punishable offense against our policies.

Additional Moderation Commands :hammer:

High Ranks in Pastriez are granted access to more moderation commands. These commands should also be used wisely.

:ban (Bans someone from the server until it restarts/shutdowns)
:pban (Permanently bans someone)
:pbanid (Permanently bans someone who isn’t in-game through use of user ID)

:warning: All commands are logged and available to be seen by Corporate Officers :warning:


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