Pathfindingservice needs to use pre given nodes

Hi developers on roblox, I have a question:
How do I get the so-called pathfinding service from roblox to only use certain paths, i.e. given nodes, to make a navigation system
(I tried it with pathfindingmodifier but it didn’t work because I didn’t have any parts can blacklist/whitelist and the terrain as well) The only thing I’m missing is a so-called whitelist system for the pathfindingservice, if you know please try to answer. I appreciate every answer and hope that I will manage it soon. Thanks!

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I’m not quite sure what you mean. Can you elaborate a bit more?

Do you mean that the path finding service creates multiple different paths based on distance?


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You might find this devforum article useful:

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No I mean the path should be generated on a road for example and not anywhere else

I have already seen this post and acually this is my goal but I dont rlly know how to use A* on such this things so I am trying to use the pathfindingservice from roblox, do you maybe know any way to force the Service to only generate a path on given parts?

As part of the PathFinding service, you can add a cost to parts using PathFindingModifiers. By tagging parts and setting the cost as math.huge, it will encourage PathFinding service to avoid those areas.

How I tend to do this is create parts that cover areas I don’t want NPCs to travel over and add the modifier with a suitable Label:

Then in PathParameters set the cost of these zones as math.huge:

	Costs = {
		AvoidZone = math.huge,

You must ensure that the tagged parts have the CanQuery property enabled.

do you know any way to make it the opposite, so I mean to make it the only part the pathfindingservice should use? If not then I guess this is the solution .

Move the roads up 10 times on the Y axis to move it away from the baseplate. Put the start position on the road and the end position on the road. It should work. After it makes a path, move all the path points down 10 times as if the position of the roads never changed. Move the roads back down too.

I hope this helps.

Pathfindingservice is made for creating path nodes from any input (terrain/obstacles/etc)
If your using pre-made nodes then don’t use pathfindingservice. I suggest you just use Humanoid:MoveTo() on an array

here is some pseudo code

local nodesFolder = --folder full of preset nodes
local hum = --humanoid

for _, node in ipairs(nodesFolder:GetChildren()) do