[PAYMENT 1M ROBUX] PoverStudio is hiring a professional programmer


Hey! PoverStudio is looking for a programmer wanting to join us to make our next big game!

About The Job

We are looking for an experienced scripter. You will be working with Jack and myself to script the game. The game is based/inspired from Mining Simulator. You will be scripting the whole game.

Must haves:

  • Organisation
  • 3+ years of experience
  • Good daily communication
  • Availability to work 20-30 hours a week
  • Respectful towards other devs


Payment is very flexible, we are offering up to 1M robux depending on how quick you complete this and the quality. However, please be aware that if you start not meeting deadlines or not producing what we ask for - then your position will be removed from this job.


You can contact me via Discord: PoverDevil#2818
Must be over 14 Years old to apply

Thanks for your interest and good luck! If you have any further questions, please leave them below and i will do my best to get back to you!


Hey, I have DMed you on discord, at AidanHatesKailey#5401. Hope to hear back from you soon! :smile:


I would recommend taking this job, I personally can’t program, but PoverStudio’s is very professional and is hard working.


I am interested in the scripter position, my discord tag is Noobruhdude#1157


Here is my portfolio: Gutoggg's Portifolio
And my Discord Tag: Guto#6740

Ill create a example of the mechanic of the inspirations game asap and will post here

Obviously, this is just an example of what I can do, without polishing or effects, but I believe that in this short period of time, it is a good sign of my ability.

I made a block of small blocks (autogenerated by a script) and a click system to dig these blocks.

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Could you tell me what needs to be scripted?

thats already on the post, dude.
its based on the mine simulator

Two suggestion for your post:

  1. Write the milestones that you’re expected to meet.
    Right now Im not sure if you want me to code current version of minecraft or just minesweeper
  2. Divide the payment up at the different milestones.
    Because it feels like I can code the whole game and fail to miss one deadline and you guys will pay me nothing. I’d rather not spend month on an all or nothing deal.

I’m interested in applying for this position. I have sent you a friend request on Discord.

You may find my portfolio here.

My tag is: Jayy_N#0001

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Just wondering where you happened to see minecraft in this post?

Hey, I am interested!
Discord Username: nick#2007

My Portfolio: [OPEN] | nickglazed’s Portfolio | Scripting Portfolio


This really doesnt say how big the scope of the game is. Which is why I said it could span between minecraft to minesweeper.

Add me: 卄ㄩ几ㄒ乇尺#3768 . I look forward to working with you!

I added you on discord where we can talk about it more!

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