PBR Texture Pack + MeshParts

Hi guys, before I talk about the PBR texture pack, I want to quickly talk to you about what they are for and how to use PBR textures well if you are new to building in Roblox.

PBR textures are a set of images that when joined together gives a 3D object a detailed texture rendering with light, which will behave differently depending on the given image, such as where on your object there should be reflections, shadows, higher brightness, etc.

For example, the Roblox brick material has a ColorMap, which shows the cement lines color, a NormalMap which gives you that perception of irregularity in the bricks and the depth that exists in the separation of these, and the RoughnessMap defines how bright or reflective it should be. All 3 together give a more real feel to this material, just like all within Roblox.

Websites with Free Textures

We can download and use textures from other pages such as:

Textures for 3D, graphic design and Photoshop!

Poly Haven:
Textures • Poly Haven


Search Results on ambientCG

Which have many Royalty Free PBR textures.

Now the reason for this post is that I have a bad habit when using textures with the SurfaceAppearance, and it is that I have been downloading so many textures for a long time (remember that each complete texture is usually a set of 3-4 textures). Sometimes I don’t save them, or I forgot them in a folder, or I delete them and then download them again, and some of these textures are 1-20Mbs each.

Not to mention that for each project you have to re-upload them, so I decided to make a mini compilation of textures that are useful to me, and make it a free model to save space on your computers and valuable time. as well.

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Also. if you can’t see these textures quality, be sure to set your Editor Quality Level a little bit higher (5+s in game graphic)

Mesh Parts Pack Details

I did not want to publish the texture pack yet because there is still a problem with this, and that is that they are limited to the regular Meshpart Uvmap. The example that we used with the Roblox brick material above is different, since that is a material, the texture adapts according to the size of the block, which does not happen with MeshParts. And that’s why I also created a MeshParts Pack with Maximized UVMap, so they can be used without losing quality or having stretched textures.

MeshPart stretched (16 parts)

MeshParts without stretching (79 parts)

MeshParts with maxed UVMap (26 parts)

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This is a preview of what they look like (I have to make several changes since they didn’t turn out as expected, but they maybe still be usefull).

I don’t know if this is a good idea, but you will be using less parts for sure.

In a near future I will make a tutorial on how to easily bring MeshParts from Blender with the custom UVMap by yourselves


Choose the MeshPart with Alt+Left Click, then they will copy and paste it with Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V, this will save us the time of ungrouping (which may cause some lag)

Choose the Texture block with Alt+Left Click. Then copy the SurfaceAppearance (this contains the texture)

And we paste the texture inside the MeshPart with Ctrl+Shift+V or right-clicking it in the explorer and choosing the Paste inside option.

In this case we can see the difference between the normal block x10 and x1

I hope that this is useful for you, I will be updating these models In a future, plus the textures one that has more than 200 textures! Thanks for your time.

This Resource Post can be useful with the Construction Guide where I talked about how important textures are within your experiences.


nice textures, but how are you dragging the sun?


Thank you! Appreciate the asset pack! :slight_smile:


Instead of making this exclusive to SurfaceAppearances (much more of a hassle in terms of setting materials) I would make it also include MaterialVariants so people can override materials that Roblox currently offers with custom textures of their own. Not only does MaterialService let you easily switch out textures without much hassle, it also lets you adjust StudsPerTile, effectively making it so you don’t need to make 1x 5x 10x, etc.


Yes!, I actually made this pack and post before the MaterialVariants update, on a spanish group, But Yeah It also works with that option.

The mesh pack, doesnt only include Bricks and Cylinder, It comes with more objects, So is not limited to classic Roblox parts


Hi! These are great, thank you!

I recently converted these textures to Material Variants, so it’s easier to build with.

It may take a while to load them in the material manager. That’s simply because of how many variants there are.

Heres my model with all the appearances turned to variants: Alva's PBR Material Pack - Roblox

All the variants are sorted in the “Plastic” material category, but it shouldn’t change the texture or anything.


Hey! I may be mistaken, but I’ve actually used this pack pre-release. Did you make this a model before this day?