People needed for a project (GFX designer, builder, & animator)

About Us
Divinity Productions is a group where our team (and maybe you) will be working on the development of current game ideas.

@Syclya - Scripter
@you - Builder
@you - Animator
@you - GFX Designer

You can see our progress so far here (not much to see, yet):!/about

About The Job

We are looking for a GFX designer, builder and an animator.
Good communication skills are appreciated.
We check team progress often and want to maintain a healthy relationship with one another.

Current Project
Our current project is our own version of a sword-fight-ish game.
Not much else at the moment, still a fresh idea.
You will get a better insight of the current project once you’re in and available.

Payment is optional - but we’re offering X amount of R$ / USD per asset/model if wanted.

If you want to be contacted on Discord, please leave your Discord username and tag in a comment below.
You can also contact me on the Developer Forum and I’ll answer there instead.


Hi there! Quite interested due to my extensive experience. I’d like to talk some more with you and hopefully become a member of your team.

My discord is: 𝐰𝐢𝐧𝐝𝐬𝐨𝐫#0437

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looking forward to working with you!

G’day, i’m interested. Contact me on discord : Pineapple_Pie#7271

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I am interested! Add me on discord: ProGamerResul5566#9513

Hi im an animator and im interested in you forum here is an example of my skill set
contact my discord moods cheese#7993
i am also a 3d modeler i can show you my skill in it

I can be the builder if you want for this, but I wish for part of payment before I do anything, to avoid scams. Discord username is Remembered_Goodbye#6969.

I’m interested to fill in the role of the GFX designer! Discord is Trito#3914.

Interested to apply for work as gfx artist , Contact me on Discord for Work examples on the following tag : Ay-Men#7917

I would like to apply for the GFX spot, you can contact me on Crade#7676

Hello, Im interested Working as a Builder u can see my portofolio and u can see my builds how they look like. And they are not all my builds i made I Have More other builds.[OPEN]Experienced Builder [For Hire]

What’s the payment? You need to specify that before you post under Recruitment.

Hia! I am interested in being apart of your team.The part that I am interested in is the gfx.
Pls dm me on discord at chunkybigstuff#5671
Thanks! -Chunky :grinning:

I have message you privately, reply to me when you have seen it.

Interested in the builder position.


I could do GFX if still needed my discord is thatgirlagain#5780

Interested! here’s my discord Xeveryi#4254

Hello I am interested add me Alton#7889

yo i’m interessed:Degtob#4787
add me on discord

Hey there, I would be happy to work to with you!

Discord Username: ItsSaif_YT#8887