Perfect Mesh Geometry Collision

Little bit niche maybe but I’d love the ability to have perfect mesh collision so I can make gears that actually work with physics. I have found it’s possible to do if you only have a few teeth on the gear but anything large won’t work at all. If we could get another option for CollisionFidelity that would let us do the exact geometry of a mesh that would be awesome.

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This post isn’t public domain, but the image from it explains why this probably won’t happen.


Alright, I guess in the mean time I can just use invisible parts though it would still be nice if this could be a thing.

there has to be a better way of calculating the current convex decomposition

There is, by Khanovich said he couldn’t get it to work properly.

If you want to get proper physics now, you will have to separate the mesh into pieces, so you don’t ask for concave shapes.