Performance issues and overall choppiness in Bad Business

Bad Business has been suffering from rampant performance issues for over three weeks now and we are at a complete loss.

Recently we ran a test using old versions of the game (dating all the way back to February of this year) and ran into the same performance issues. This should help support the idea that this isn’t from an update we’ve done but instead is something on Roblox’s end but regardless - we need help in fixing this.

Below I’ve attached some of our performance graphs (looking at P50) which show clear decreases after October 26th. Although we did update on that day, again, we’ve reverted the game to before that update and have seen similar decreases in overall performance.

We reached a breaking point when today while live streaming the game, I was hitting 70 fps after playing for an hour and a half. Similar reports from our community are widespread.


(Unsure if this is related, sorry if it isnt.)

I’m also experiencing performance issues in my games (I start at around 100+ Fps, then dips to like 50-80 fps after a few mins of playing.). This poor performance persisted even when exiting to the home screen on the app… Forcing me to restart the actual app to get my performance back.


Roblox as an engine overall has been getting a little bit choppy. Even clicking on UI buttons seems to drop the framerate on my computer from 60 to 50 in some cases. It’s really weird


Yes! Thank you! I’ve filed a bug report in the past about this but it had been resolved for a few days and then imminently came back.

I believe it’s something to do with shadows in the microprofiler and acts similar to a memory leak, getting significantly worse the longer you play. Also it seems to improve overall when your half graphics or less.

Would love a fix for this! This has been happening for several weeks now as well.

EDIT; also to be clear, I also reverted versions before and messed with optimizing to all hell and back but it never improves the performance. I’ve even deleted the entire map in runtime and it still lags. This also only seems to effect live servers with many players in it, and can’t be recreated (from what I know) in studio. Possibly player characters shadows have a memory leak or something? The microprofiler just shows that shadow casting stuff starts taking insane amounts of time to render.


I’ve noticed performance issues with almost all the games I play. The FPS starts at full 60fps and the performance is good then suddenly the fps slowly drops to the point that you would be forced to play at graphics quality 1. It even lags on graphics quality 2 and 3.


Thank you for this , you’re definitely on to something. I switched from Shadow map to Voxel lighting and haven’t experienced any performance issues .

edit: there still appears to be a problem even with Voxel lighting but it seems like it takes longer to cause any noticeable performance issues… i hope roblox looks in to this, its so bad :frowning:


I can confirm on my end, I was playing Mad City yesterday, and after a while of playing my FPS dropped so low that entire game was severely stuttering. I’m sure that this is not a hardware problem, since the longer you stay in game, the worse the performance gets.

EDIT: My friend is also getting huge FPS drops after playing a while.
EDIT2: It takes about an hour to drop to 50 fps, and stutter on NVIDIA RTX 4060 on 1440p resolution.


Hi @ruddev_ethan,
I’m sorry to hear your experience is encountering performance problems. I’ve assigned one of our team to take a look at this. In the meantime, can you tell me if there’s a particular level/map that makes the problem occur more frequently? Also would you happen to know if this happens after a certain number of players have joined a game? The more information we have, the faster we can reproduce it here and get to the root cause so I may have more follow up questions for you as we investigate.

No particular map in the game that’s causing this / specifically no threshold of players where we cross it and becomes a noticeable problem - the biggest factor seems to be time. After around an hour of playing I see pretty massive declines in performance (50%), and for some reason rejoining the server doesn’t offer a quick fix.

Got it. Would you happen to know if the problem occurs if you leave it on the menu screen when the experience first loads or do you have to be actively playing? I’m just wondering if I can leave a game soaking on a number of machines to get more data.

(BTW, I had a quick play earlier and it’s really good fun!)


We haven’t tested waiting in the menus so I’m not sure.

And thanks again for looking into this :pray:

In my own game the menu significantly improves performance because its away from other players, but the fps drops back down again once your spawned in.

Its particularly bad where if your playing for longer then an hour or two, FPS on max graphics can reach as low as 10-15.

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Could you grab a Microprofiler dump at the start (when the frame rate is good) and then once your frame rate is significantly lower? I’d like to compare them. I have seen memory use increase but I haven’t seen the frame rate drop in my testing so far.

I’m not sure if this is related but I’m having shadow rendering take up 14ms of rendering time and kneecap the framerate even though Lighting.GlobalShadows is off (refer to screenshot below)

microprofile-20231124-165637.html (8.4 MB)
Game: Deadline Development Branch - Roblox

This hasn’t happened in the past and just a month ago I was running a map with 2000 drawcalls at a higher framerate, let alone the screen i’m showing


Yep, I have a very similar microprofiler, its just filled with “VisibleQueries*” taking up a massive chunk of rendering time.

Not as big of an issue as BB’s but our game Gunfight Arena has experienced a drop of performance as well. We normally perform between 300-200 FPS on PC. Now regularly hitting 140 and getting only 200 on the menu (which has practically nothing running).

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I have noticed this in my own game as well the past 1-3 weeks. The framerate seems to be dipping to below 50 fps occasionally, when before it has always stayed above 60 fps.


Regarding Bad Business: I’m hoping this was fixed on Nov 27. Could you confirm whether this still occurs?

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Our frame rate graphs in the Performance dev stats tab have not shown any noticeable improvement and our players are still complaining a bit. I think anecdotally things have looked a bit better, but they’re still not where they were before October 25th.


Just bumping this topic because I still believe this is happening and it’s been a few days.