Perlin Noise Map Generator

Hooray! I have completed my second open-sourced plugin this week with lots more to come! Today I decided to make a perlin noise map generator. Credits to MSDLF for the idea. You can choose the size of the xyz coodinates. This plugin is in beta and will have more uses in the future. I will keep a list of updates on this thread and a list of upcoming features.

If you want to try it out, you can get it here:

Upcoming Features :

Model add ons -
In this upcoming feature, you can put certain models in a folder and the plugin will place them randomly in the correct spots of the generated map.

Mountains/Hills/Biomes -
In this upcoming feature, you can create mountains, hills and different biomes such as swamps, rain forests and deserts.

Themes -
In this upcoming feature, you can choose either low-poly, regular, or mesh.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the plugin, please reply to this thread.

Credits to direMitten for the tutorial!


Cool stuff!

Can you show a screenshot of what it produces?


Sure thing! I am uploading a picture right now.



It produces something like this. In the future it will be improved with biomes, hills, etc. And of course the seed is random, so you may have to try a few times to get a product that you are satisfied with.


Added hills! To add hills, set the y coordinates to 9 or higher for good looking hills!

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wow nice minecraft
I will use this!


Seems cool! Good job!
I’ll try it out once I’m free.


Thanks! It means a lot! I will be adding updates every day/week. I mostly will be working on another open sourced module.


Thanks! I will work on this some more but I will mainly focus on my other open sourced module as said in my other reply.


this is likely not a coincidence(since your variable names didn’t even change) but it seems like the noise algorithm in your code is directly taken from a roblox redditor by the name of direMitten in his tutorial on perlin noise

Now if you don’t want to credit the person who wrote this whatever, but I’d like to at least point out to people that these values were written as a specific example and aren’t all that useful for generating things with any sort of control. You should let them control things like this if you want the plugin to be more useful. Lacunarity, Persistence, # of Octaves, etc.


Ah, I forgot to credit him. I will do that now.

Edit: I added the credits. I was using his tutorial to help make this. I will later on improve this further.


I will add those features in as soon as possible. Adding them to upcoming features.


Are you still updating it cuz this has some minecraft type potential