Persistent Data Down?

I have some old code that saves non-essential items like clothes to persistent data. I’ve received a lot of reports and it seems like persistent data won’t save or load right now.


Massive internet DNS outages are occurring from what I understand right now. It’s happening mostly on the East Coast US

It’s having a huge impact on the world.
As most DNS’s are in the US.

Ofc my website survived without any problems.
But Roblox, Twitter, Github, spotify, netflix, nytimes and many other big websites has big issues today.

Anyone else earning less robux than is typical for a Friday? I was at work, didnt see if roblox/anyone else was having connection problems.

Yeah… I didn’t think anything of it, though. Maybe this DNS thing is correlated, who knows. Roblox was down for those 2 hours when kids in EST coast just got out of school and went home.

So is Persistent Data done for good? 2 days later RoCitizens is still not loading past data or new saved data.

I’m updating the old code to work with data stores but I’d still like to be able to recover the data that was lost.

Try testing with an account that had DP data but didn’t play when the data issues were happening – it could have been that players were joining and then having their data corrupted/reset due to the outage issues.

It’d be great if you could recover the data, but TBH if it can’t be it’s really your fault at this point for not having converted already despite being given all the time in the world. Let this be a lesson for everyone still using DP at this point that you should update your code when given the chance in the event something is deprecated.