Pet Follower v.02

Pet Follower v.02

v.02 of my Pet Follower system:
This system includes:

  • Animated Pets.
  • Obstacle detection.
  • Returning to Player upon distance.

Instructions are included within the model.
Please ensure you follow them - Contact me with any queries.



Please can we have a gif / video of some sort? Just so we can get an idea of what the system includes without having to try the model!


As @LuaBearyGood said, I would highly appreciate a gif/picture without having to actually download the model. Just supporting his statement.


I appreciate your contribution but instead of making multiple post for each update, you can just edit your original post. And yes, also a gif or picture like others have said will be helpful

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I had some spare time, here ya go :wink:
(Read Caption!)

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