Pet Follower v.02

Pet Follower v.02

v.02 of my Pet Follower system:
This system includes:

  • Animated Pets.
  • Obstacle detection.
  • Returning to Player upon distance.

Instructions are included within the model.
Please ensure you follow them - Contact me with any queries.



Please can we have a gif / video of some sort? Just so we can get an idea of what the system includes without having to try the model!


As @LuaBearyGood said, I would highly appreciate a gif/picture without having to actually download the model. Just supporting his statement.


I appreciate your contribution but instead of making multiple post for each update, you can just edit your original post. And yes, also a gif or picture like others have said will be helpful

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I had some spare time, here ya go :wink:
(Read Caption!)


Hey @KossmoZ,

I have added this module to an empty baseplate and it works so far. I then used AlreadyPro’s plugin to spawn the character “AlreadyPro” and renamed it to “Obj”. Thereupon I deleted the model “Obj” within “PetObj” and moved the AlreadyPro rig (renamed as “Obj”) within “PetObj”. Now the pet jumps completely randomly through the map and rotates. How can I load characters and use them as pet? Thanks for your answer in advance!


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Nice system! But i got some couple of issues, sometimes when the pet gets stuck, it jumps very high. Do you think there’s a way to fix it? Because it doesn’t looks natural. And the next issue is that the pet have unusual falling animations, what i mean is that when the pet is very bouncy. Those are my issues, but this pet system is nice! Thanks for reading.

I also forgot to report a bug! If you insert a Humanoid, the script doesn’t works. error printing this:

HumanoidRootPart is not a valid member of Model - Client (Line 22)

This is kinda a big issue, since i can’t make a bit more realistic pets. I really hope this gets fixed, because i can’t advance with my development. :+1:


This is kind of an old topic, but i did find a fix for this! For NPC’s, Humanoid needs to be removed from the model and replaced by AnimationController. I also had to change the humanoidrootpart from a cube to a sphere and bring it to the bottom of the base and then reattach the motor6d that is destroyed from moving the motor6d .
Here are the results :slight_smile: