Pet Following System

Over the past couple days i have tried to create a follow system for pets, that keep them on the ground not a floating one. I had tried using bodyposition and bodygyro but ran into a few problems. I was just wondering what is the best way to go around a pet system.

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Normally, I would use PathfindingService to create a system where they constantly follow the player (like pets). I was still unsure if it will tax performance.

However, somewhere in #resources:community-resources, there is an open-source pet following system I found that would work:


In our game U-Decide Cafe, we use PathfindingService for our land pets and a custom implementation for our flying pets. PathfindingService works remarkably well for land pets, despite what others say. You’ll still need to come up with your own solution for obstacle avoidance for cases where PathfindingService doesn’t help. You’ll get one free land pet by joining and opening the Starter Takeout (blue box). Mess around with the pets and see if PathfindingService suits your needs :slight_smile:


Ayyy, that’s me.

Yeah, my system is far from flawless and I agree with @DevHumor on using PathFinding.

I’m away from ROBLOX at the moment due to access and priority during this pandemic but happy to answer questions when I can.