Pet Icons/Renders

Hi there! How would I make pet icons/renders easily like the ones in Bubble Gum Sim, Pet Sim etc.

Do note that I don’t want to use viewport frames.

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This is one of the things viewport frames are for, why don’t you want to use them? Without viewport frames, you have to manually take a picture of every model and upload it as an image.

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that is true but i can’t really edit the viewport frame to be how i want the pet icons to look like. I feel like I that if i manually did it I have more options to edit the thing.

You can always add lighting into the Viewport or different things to change the look and make the camera the smallest possible FoV you can.

What are you trying to do that the viewport frames can’t do? There might be a way you can simulate that in a viewport, and viewports are way easier to use than taking a picture of everything.

Easy way:

  1. Take a screenshot in Studio
  2. Edit the screenshot in Photoshop/PDN/Gimp

Harder way:

  1. Export the pet to a .obj
  2. Import the .obj into Blender
  3. Render the pet
  4. Edit the render in Photoshop/PDN/Gimp

If you’re not comfortable using Blender, plenty of tutorials exist here on the forum and on YouTube.

It can be argued that some may find it easier to render the pets instead of using image editing software. Blender essentially allows you to render pets in bulk using the same lighting settings, whereas photoshop requires attention on all individual pets.