Phoenix Skydiving System


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An innovative skydiving system designed to revolutionize the market. Discover the pinnacle of advancement, featuring advance animations and cutting-edge mechanics. This skydiving system is compatible with both R6 and R15, offering flexibility. With integrated fall damage and an altitude counter, prepare to experience the ultimate sensation of soaring through the air. Ensure you watch the video linked below to see more of this product.


  • Fully scripted.
  • Support for both R6 and R15.
  • Smooth character animations.
  • Altimeter user interface.
  • Mobile interface support.
  • Parachute and skydiving backpack.




While setting this up you need to put the following scripts in the following places:

ParachuteGiver - Workspace
FallDamage - ReplicatedStorage
GiveParachute - ReplicatedStorage
Chute - ReplicatedStorage
Parachute - StarterGUI
SkydivingHandler - StarterPack
ParachuteRecorder - StarterPlayerScripts
Fall Damage - ServerScriptService

To make this system work you will need to publish the animations for skydiving. It’s highly important that you do this for the system to work. Follow the steps below:

  1. Choose your Avatar Type. It will either be R6 or R15.
  2. Go in the folder named R6 or R15 Animations.
  3. Right click each Keyframe Sequence and click “Save to Roblox”.
  4. Click submit and copy the ID of your new saved Animation.
  5. Go into the SkydivingHandler and match your new saved Animation ID with the variables there.


If you encounter any difficulties with the system, feel free to utilize this post as a means of supporting each other. While I won’t be able to offer frequent assistance, I might drop in occasionally to lend a helping hand.


Phoenix Skydiving System - Roblox


Text can be smaller and aniamtions can be better and so can the ui. The bottom UI is not that well made as the top text is not equidistant from the bottom ui. I suggest adding padding.