Picking the right character rig for my game

I’m trying to work out the best character look for my game and I’m torn by a number of options. Im all options i would be able to add additional items using accessories and tools.

Heres a video of the current look with a custom mesh added to an r15 rig.


The issue is I’ve tried a number of these to try and weigh up the pros and cons but would like feedback from the community as to what most people prefer.

What ive tried:

R6 rig and model
This option uses the original R6 character. Its easier to animate but more difficult to get realistic animations and customisation of characters are limited.

R6 model with R15 mesh deformation
This option has the look of the R6 model, but the joints smoothly bend using R15 rig and mesh deformation (look up DoguR15). It has the classic look but has better animation capabilities. Works with existing R15 animations.

R15 block rig and model
Thisbis the traditional R15. Looks similar to the above, except joints are not attached and gapping may occur. Works with existing R15 animations.

R15 mesh rig and model
As above.

R15 rig but with custom mesh parts
Similar to above except with custom meshes.

R15 rig but with custom deformation mesh
This allows for a unique look, but setting up separate characters requires more effort to both model/texture and rig (as mesh has to be broken up into the R15 parts and careful weighting to ensure it looks seamless). Works with existing R15 animations.

Custom rig and model
As above but would require even more work to animate as it would not work with existing R15 animations.

So what do think would fit, or you would prefer?

  • R6 rig and model
  • R6 model with R15 rig and mesh deformation
  • R15 block rig and model
  • R15 mesh rig and model
  • R15 rig and custom mesh
  • R15 rig with custom deformation
  • Custom mesh and rig

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I’m in a similar position my self trying to make a slightly more human scale rig, without loosing the roblox vibe.

Personally, I think you should make this decision more based on the level of skill you have with models and art. A custom mesh with deformation and that would be cool and all, but you have to consider a few things with this, such as how will you manage collisions if those are important.

You’ll also have to consider how good you are with animations and art style, if you create something more realistic you’ll need to put more time into animations to avoid the character looking robotic. On the other hand, something with a more cartoony vibe might give you more room for those animation errors since no one is really looking for it to mimic humans.

Overall I vote for R15 rig with custom mesh, purely based off how well the game looks so far I feel like Roblox characters will look strange in the world you’ve designed, but again this should be something you should take time to consider from a skills and time based perspective as the end result will likely be more polished and clean.

Interesting game btw, Love the map detail, especially with how the lava glows. Is it LoL inspired?

Sort of, it’s inspired by DOTA2.

Here’s how a R6 model with R15 rig and mesh deformation looks:

Edit: Worth adding that I have about 20 years modelling and animation experience - so doing a full custom rig and mesh is definitely possible for my skill level. However, it will add a lot of time to game development.

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Looks really great! That’s good you have the experience, it really shows in your work. Everything looks incredible honestly, which ever works out best time wise for you may be the best option in this case.

Good luck with your project!