Pin the "Introduction Thread" post

As that topic has more than 4200 replies on it, I think it’s safe to assume that it should be pinned.
Sometimes, you can see a whole new introduction topic being posted and it then being flagged. I think that would be minimized by pinning to post to add more importancy to it.


Well, the Introduction thread is linked to the “Welcome to the DevForum” message. It’s the first thing they’ll see when they get promoted. If this doesn’t work, pinning won’t work, too. Who checks the category pages nowadays? No one.

Anyway, the current method and the method you mentioned would work if the DevForum wasn’t full of little kids and non-devs. They don’t read anything just cause they’re bored. Most of them join just to participate in Roblox Beta. Some of them even think they’ll become Regulars and then they’d go apply to become a QA Tester.

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With that logic let’s pin these in the categories they were posted in:

This. We don’t need it pinned. It just clutters the pins and takes space from the home page view:

Right now nobody has replied to the introduction thread nor the “enroll in the beta program” thread, but they take up the space that new topics should be taking, so I can only see at most 1 thread that isn’t one of those two nor a pinned thread. Imagine if there was another pinned thread. That means 60% of the topics are pinned, and 40% are those two.

I have those two threads muted however they still show in the front page because discourse.

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Bumping this, it’s pinned in the Spanish categories, but not here, it would be nice to have it pinned.

(translation: Introductory thread for new members!)

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Why does it need to be pinned again? It’s not really important information, just a fun little thing you can participate in if you’d like. Like “What are you working on currently” as brought up by incapaz.

It being pinned in the Spanish categories is kind of strange.

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