Pinewood Builders Security Team Handbook 11/10/2019


Pinewood Builders Security Team

The following document is the official PBST handbook, written by the Trainers for all PBST members. Please read it carefully.

Failure to follow the handbook may result in punishments, ranging from a simple warning to a demotion or even blacklist.

Any changes to this handbook will be made clear.
Last updated on February 3rd, 2021
SD & Trainer duties

Reminders to all PBST members

  • Please abide by the ROBLOX Community Rules and the Pinewood Builders Game Rules at all times. Exploiting is in particular not permitted in Pinewood Builders. You may not discuss yourself exploiting in games or show yourself exploiting in games within our communications servers. Breaking these results will result in severe disciplinary action.
  • We are not at war with Innovation Inc. or any other groups, don’t be hostile to them in any way.
  • Be respectful to your fellow players, don’t act like you’re the boss of the game.
  • Follow the orders of anyone who outranks you.
  • Do not try to evade punishment in any way. Doing so will only make it worse for yourself.
  • Do not steal any assets that relate to Pinewood Builders or its members, including but not limited to: Game assets, uniforms, and community-made artwork. You will be blacklisted if you refuse to remove stolen assets.
  • Trainers can remove a user from a PBST position for poor behavior, both in the communications server and in-game. This includes toxicity, inappropriate behavior, etc. Anyone who acts in ways not suitable for his/her rank will see that rank revoked.
  • Any form of glitching/abusing glitches is prohibited while on duty for PBST/TMS/PET.


  • Cadet: the default rank that players get when they join the PBST group. Access is limited to a low-damage baton.
  • Tier 1: 100 points and passing the Tier evaluation required. Gives access to a higher-damage baton, a taser, a PBST-labeled riot shield, and a PBST-labeled pistol.
  • Tier 2: 250 points required. Adds a PBST-labeled rifle to the previous loadout.
  • Tier 3: 500 points required. Adds a PBST-labeled sub-machine gun to the previous loadout.
  • Elite Tier 1: Handpicked. In development, more info coming soon.
  • Elite Tier 2: Handpicked. In development, more info coming soon.
  • Special Defense: 800 points and passing the SD Evaluation required. SD Evaluations are handpicked by the Trainers.
  • Trainer: Handpicked from SD’s.
  • Head of Security: Chosen by Owner. Unobtainable.
  • Owner: Diddleshot.

The following chapters contain detailed information about various ranks.


The Tier ranks are the medium ranks of PBST. Tiers are expected to be a role model for Cadets. Any violations of the rules may result in a larger punishment. Especially Tier 3’s and Elites are expected to be the perfect representation of PBST at its best. You have been warned.

The loadouts for the different Tier ranks can be found in the Security room at Pinewood facilities. Cadets are not allowed in the loadout rooms of Tiers.

Tiers have access to the !call PBST command, which they can use for an imminent melt- or freezedown or a raider. This is to be used wisely.

As a Tier, you may be selected to assist at a training or an eval, where you will be given temporary admin powers which are strictly for that specific training. Abuse of these powers will result in severe punishment.

Elite Tiers

Elite Tiers are handpicked from current Tier 3’s. This rank is still in development, and more information will be added soon. Here’s what’s already confirmed:

  • SD’s and RRL’s can suggest Tier 3’s for Elite Tier 1. Trainers will vote on their promotion.
  • SD’s and RRL’s can suggest Elite Tiers 1 for Elite Tier 2. Trainers will vote on their promotion.
  • The Elite Tier ranks will each have a unique uniform that only they can wear.
  • Elite Tiers can issue Kill on Sight orders during raids only, when no Raid Response Leaders or Special Defense+ are present.
Special Defense

Special Defense is the first HR rank, which can only be reached by being in the Communications server and having 2-step verification on all relevant connected accounts.

Tier 3’s who reach 800 points are eligible for an SD evaluation to become Special Defense. If chosen, you are tasked to host a PBST Training and your performance will be closely watched. If you pass, you will either be promoted directly or be given the title “Passed SD Eval” until the Trainers choose to promote you to SD.

As an SD, you receive the ability to place a KoS in Pinewood facilities, you can order room restrictions, and you don’t have to wear a uniform anymore. You will also receive Kronos mod at Pinewood’s training facilities, this is to be used responsibly.

SD’s can host events like trainings and Tier evals with permission from a Trainer. They may host 6 times per week (Mega’s not included), with a maximum of 2 per day. There also has to be a 1-hour gap at least between the end of one event and the start of another, so events take place every other hour at most.

To summarize, the following things are the primary duties for all SD’s:

  • Hosting (if granted permission) and raid response leading. One of these two should be done AT LEAST once a month unless there is a valid inactivity notice or valid excuse supplied by a higher-ranking official.
  • Reward/Punishment requests for lower ranks. SDs are encouraged to do this but they aren’t exactly forced to. Though, if they are purposefully ignoring an extreme case over favoritism then they will be warned/punished.

Additionally, SD’s have the ability to moderate the communications server, though this is secondary to their other duties.


To become a Trainer, all the current Trainers have to vote on your promotion. Only SD’s are eligible for this promotion. Should a Trainer go on an extended leave, they may maintain their rank, or leave and have their rank restored upon returning.

Trainers are the leadership of the group and as a result, they have the following primary duties:

  • Participation in votes. A vote on votes should be placed most of the time, if the trainer has no opinion then use the abstain feature. Votes can be overridden by the HoS when he provides a valid reason.
  • Handling operations, promotions, points, and being responsible for all changes done to the group.
  • Hosting events, this must be done AT LEAST once a month unless there is a valid inactivity notice or valid excuse by higher-ranking official. Trainers do not have any of the SD’s restrictions on this.

Additionally, Trainers can moderate the comms server as well as enforce the handbook in-game, though again these are secondary to their main duties.

Going on duty to patrol

Before you can do your job as Pinewood Security, you need to show to civilians and other PBST that you are on duty as Security. To do that, you have to wear a uniform and have your Kronos ranktag be set to Security. Having only one of these will not make you count as on-duty, and you won’t be allowed to take PBST Weapons.


The official PBST uniforms can be found in the store of the PBST group. All facilities have a shopping cart button on your screen where you can buy these uniforms as well. Buying a uniform from and equipping your Roblox avatar with it is the most convenient way to get an official uniform.

If you have no robux, most facilities are equipped with uniform givers to get you going. It’s also possible to buy donor commands and use the !shirt & !pants commands that come with that to get an official uniform.

Locations of the uniform givers in facilities

Pinewood Space Station, Pinewood Space Shuttle Advantage and Mega Miners have no PBST uniform givers.

Wearing a PET Fire or Hazmat suit is allowed, but only if an official PBST Uniform is worn with it. The Medical Suit is not allowed because unlike the other two, this one actually changes your shirt & pants, making it impossible to wear a PBST uniform with it.


The ranktag is the small text above your avatar in Pinewood facilities. This will be set to Security by default, displaying your rank in PBST.


Supplementary ranktag roles

On the PBST Communication Platform, there are several roles that people can earn which will be displayed on their ranktag. These are:

  • Raid Response Leader, given to members who are trusted to lead PBST against TMS raids
  • Passed SD Eval, given to any Tier 3 who has passed the SD Evaluation and is up for promotion to Special Defense
  • Member of The Season, a trimonthly given role to a single outstanding member of PBST
  • PBST Medals, annually awarded roles for top performances in various departments

If your ranktag is off, you can use the command !ranktag on to turn your ranktag on. If it’s set to another group than Security, use !setgroup PBST to get it set to Security so you can go patrol.

Off-duty PBST may still have their ranktag on, because they forgot to turn it off or are just new and don’t know how it works. Do not warn for this.

Once you have your uniform and ranktag, you are on duty and you can take PBST Weapons from the loadouts. When on duty, it is your job to protect the facility from various types of threats that may arise, like meltdowns, raiders and OP Weapon users. When you have to evacuate, try your hardest to help others.

Going off duty

To go off-duty, you have to visit the Security room and remove your uniform and PBST weapons. Reset character if required. It is highly recommended you remove your Security ranktag as well, by using the command !setgroup PB/PET/PBQA... to change to any other Pinewood group you’re in, or use the!ranktag off command to turn the ranktag off entirely.

Usage of weapons

All PBST are expected to use their weapons responsibly when on duty. If you find somebody breaking a rule or doing anything to contribute to a melt- or freezedown, you have to give this person a warning. If he/she doesn’t listen to your warning, you are allowed to kill them.

There are a few occasions where you can kill players without needing to warn them first:

  • People who have been warned and killed for changing the core controls to melt- or freezedown, and still come back to do the same
  • People with OP Weapons or otherwise acquired gear who are attacking Security or visitors
  • People who were hostile to Security, and are now changing the core controls to melt- or freezedown
  • People who are spamming the reactor power button at PBCC, trying to get it locked
  • People who are caught sabotaging the coolant pipe (or fixing it if the core is approaching freezedown)
  • During melt- or freezedown only, people who touch the emergency coolant and rockets at PBCC

However, you cannot ‘revenge kill’, i.e. killing someone just because they killed you. Though if they come back and start messing with the controls or breaking other rules, you may kill them without warning as they have proven themselves to be hostile.

PBST have access to a wide variety of weapons to protect the games with.

PBST-specific weapons

Loadouts for PBST members can be found close to the uniform givers, other givers may be spread throughout the facility. Every PBST member has access to the standard baton, and Tiers receive additional weapons from the blue loadouts.

These PBST weapons are only meant for PBST duties and may not be used for randomly killing anyone. Cadets abusing PBST Weapons are to be warned using the standard warning procedure (more info in the Rulebreakers chapter). If you find a Tier abusing PBST Weapons, collect evidence and report to an SD+.

Be sure to have your uniform on when taking PBST weapons, for you are considered off-duty without uniform and you may not use PBST Weapons off-duty. PBST weapons may never be used to cause a melt-or freezedown, unless TMS is hosting a reverse raid or when a Trainer gives a direct order.

Weapons from other groups

PBST on duty may not use tools from other PB groups like PET or TMS. If you find a PBST member using weapons from another group, warn them according to the procedure in the Rulebreakers chapter.

Other weapons

If you are using non-PBST weapons on duty (like the OP Weapons gamepass, or the pistol acquired from PBCC Credits or randomly spawned), you have to follow the same rules as if they were PBST Weapons.

When off-duty, you may only use non-PBST Weapons, though you have more freedom with your usage. You can, for example, restrict rooms without needing permission, though excessive room restriction may count as mass random killing, which is always forbidden.

How to deal with rulebreakers

If a Security member is found breaking a rule in the handbook, alert them of their wrongdoing and give them a warning. If said Security member doesn’t listen or actually uses their weapons irresponsibly, kill them.

If a Tier is being abusive with their weapons, record the evidence and send it to an SD+.

Room restriction

Ranks below SD are not allowed to “restrict rooms”, i.e. order players to leave an area of the game. Unless there’s a valid reason to engage (see above) or the room has a built-in lock, all rooms of the games are public access.

In case of emergency, a Special Defense or higher may grant you permission to restrict a room to PBST only. In that case, you can kill anyone who tries to enter and only let on-duty PBST in.

Kill on Sight (KoS)

Any person on KoS is to be killed immediately upon seeing them. TMS and mutants of PBCC are on KoS by default.

Only an SD or higher can place somebody on KoS for all PBST to follow. On-duty PBST may not put anyone on KoS unless permission has been granted by an SD+.

During TMS Raids, a Raid Response Leader can place KoS orders which last for the duration of the raid. An SD+ can override this order if they join. If no RRL is present in the raid, Elite Tiers can place raid KoS for them.

Specific actions can get you placed on KoS for all sides during TMS raids, more on that in the corresponding chapter.

Important facilities to patrol

Pinewood Computer Core (PBCC)

Pinewood Computer Core is Pinewood Builders’ most frequently visited game, making it the main place of interest for PBST to patrol.

PBCC has an anti-spawnkill protection in place, which makes it impossible to kill anyone at the spawn area. This protection extends through the shop and stairwell and ends past the yellow line at the bottom of the elevator.
– Should you discover your weapon does allow you to kill at spawn, don’t spawnkill. This overrides any rules established elsewhere in the handbook.
– Camping right outside the spawn border and blocking it is also considered spawnkilling.

Your main objective in this game is to prevent the core from melting or freezing. The following chart shows you how different settings affect the temperature:

Try to work together and make sure the core stays in balance.


The coolant is the most vital piece of the core controls, doing a -14° cooldown effect when in operation. It’s also the most vulnerable, and several items need to be set to keep the coolant going.

  • The coolant pumps must be turned on.
  • The coolant production needs to be active, since the pumps will shut down without coolant in the tank. Trains can also supply additional coolant.
  • In Admin control, the coolant supply button must be turned on.

Additionally, the coolant pipe at the mainframe can be sabotaged, reducing its cooling effect to -12°. If the coolant works beneficial to PBST, you can shoot people who sabotage the coolant without warning. However, if the core is approaching freezedown, PBST can sabotage the coolant as well. This may only be done if the coolant is working disadvantageous to PBST.

Emergency Coolant

If your efforts fail and a meltdown does occur, you can go to the Emergency Coolant at Sector G to try to rescue the core. Use the Security Code to get in (the code that’s announced in-game) and bring the rods to levels between 69% and 81%. Keep as many rods as possible within these levels until the timer hits 0.

Success rates for the number of coolant rods green when the countdown hits 0:
1: 10%
2: 25%
3: 90%

Successful activation of the E-coolant will set the temperature back to 3000 degrees.

Aside from melt- and freezedown, PBCC also features various ‘disasters’, some of which require PBST to evacuate the visitors. In the event of a plasma surge, earthquake, or radiation flood, bring the people in danger to safety.

Mutants also often appear at PBCC, if somebody steps into the pool of leaking radioactive fluid they become a mutant. Mutants are to be killed at once. PBST members may not become mutants while on duty.


PBST can clean up derailed trains if they’re blocking the tracks, preventing other trains from going by. Find the driver’s seat and sit on it, then click “remove train”. You are free to use your taser if somebody is still in the driver’s seat and refuses to remove the train himself.

Nuke trains are an additional danger since the nukes can explode, killing everyone nearby. Remove these trains as quickly as possible if any nukes are flashing red.

Trains and other vehicles can be flown to places they shouldn’t be at. If you see someone flying a vehicle, you can use your taser to stop them. Remove any vehicle that has been flown.

PBST Activity Center (PBSTAC)

The PBST Activity Center is the main facility for trainings and various other activities. You can practice one of the obbies like the Gamma Obby, the Vortex of Rage, or the Tall Towers. It also features a simulation of the core at PBCC with all the variables to change the temperature, and it will melt- or freeze down too.

PBSTAC can be visited by Raiders, who will kill mercilessly with their OP Weapons. They are KoS and patrolling PBST members have to join forces to keep them at bay.

Also be on the lookout for monsters like zombies, skeletons, or worse…

Other groups you may encounter

Pinewood Emergency Team (PET)

The Pinewood Emergency Team is set up as an emergency response group to a few types of emergencies at Pinewood facilities. They often help PBST in our mission to keep them safe. If no PET members are on-site and a fire or radiation spill needs to be dealt with at once, PBST is allowed to help put out the fire or stop the spill.

PET has 3 subdivisions: Medical, Fire & Hazmat, each with their own uniform. The Fire & Hazmat uniforms allow you to wear a PBST uniform underneath it, the Medical uniform doesn’t (see the Uniform chapter).

You can switch between being on-duty for PBST or PET by using the !setgroup command. PET has its own set of tools, and you may not use PET tools when on-duty for PBST, and vice versa.

Read the PET handbook for more details on how PET works: Pinewood Emergency Team - Handbook

The Mayhem Syndicate (TMS)

The Mayhem Syndicate is the opposite of PBST. Where we intend to protect the core, they intend to melt or freeze it. They often join a game in a raid, and when this happens you are advised to call for backup.

TMS can be recognized by the red ranktag and the black uniform. Any TMS with ranktag+uniform or only ranktag and still actively trying to destroy the core is Kill on Sight (KoS) by default. The only place where TMS may not be killed is at the TMS loadouts near the cargo trains. You have to give TMS a fair chance to take their loadouts, as they will do the same for PBST loadouts. Do not camp at the TMS loadouts.

As with all armed hostiles, you are allowed to fight back if TMS attacks you, even if they seem to be on their way to get their loadouts.

More information about TMS Raids is in the chapter below, under the ‘Trainings and ranking up’ category.

TMS also has its own handbook for more information on how they operate: The Mayhem Syndicate Handbook

Trainings and ranking up

NOTE: Instructions in trainings are given in English, so understanding English is required.

You need to earn PBST Points to rank up in the group. The requirements for any rank can be found at the spawn in PBST Activity Center. Note that ST Exp and Patrol Time of the Activity Center are not the same as PBST points, nor are PBCC Credits.

You can check how many points you have using the !mypoints command at any Pinewood facility, or in the Points Room of the Pinewood Builders Data Storage Facility.

Points can be earned through TMS Raids, trainings, mass patrols, and self-training.

TMS Raids

TMS raids are the most recommended way to earn points. If they start raiding a server to cause a melt- or freezedown, you can earn points quite easily by fighting against them. Make sure to keep an eye out for when they start joining your game.

The TMS raids have levels assigned to them, between 0 and 3. These determine the severity of the raid, and give an indication of how many TMS will be there. Level 3 raids (aka Mega raids) are the rarest, and involve TMS raiding multiple servers at once.

The amount of points that can be earned depends on the TMS raid level. The level determines the base points that PBST can earn when responding to this raid. Players with outstanding performance or leadership can earn up to 2 extra points. However, players who only attend part of the raid or perform poorly get less than the base points.

Base points for Level 0 (practice raid) : 2
Base points for Level 1 : 4
Base points for Level 2 : 6
Base points for Level 3 (Mega raid) : 8

A Raid Response Leader will supervise the raid and monitor everyone’s performance to give points accordingly. They may do periodic checks to see who is attending on PBST’s side, so make sure you follow whatever instructions they give you.

Raid Response Leader

If applications are open, Tiers can apply for Raid Response Leader using the comms server. On occasion, they’ll be handpicked by SD’s or Trainers.

An RRL will be in charge of the raid, leading PBST during raids and logging PBST attendance at raids for points.

They have the unique ability to place a KoS order for the duration of the TMS Raid they’re leading. Any player who is helping TMS can then be taken down more easily.

If a raid starts in your server and you wish not to attend, you will be asked to go off-duty (read the corresponding chapter above). If you are off-duty when TMS starts to raid and you want to participate, you have to pick a side and fight on that side until the raid ends. Do not change sides mid-raid. This also applies if you are neutral or off-duty and decide to participate anyway. Beware that choosing to side with either TMS or PBST in a raid might get you put on KoS by the other side until the raid ends.

PBST & TMS have a few agreements made to ensure raids can happen properly and without major incidents. PET is included in these as well. Failure to comply with these agreements, even as neutrals, will result in being put on KoS by all sides until the raid ends.

  • No glitching is allowed in any way.
  • You are not allowed to camp an area to prevent a subgroup from obtaining their loadouts.

If TMS has achieved a melt- or freezedown, you may find them helping out the civilians to escape in the rockets. During these so-called “Yes-Survivor Runs”, you cannot attack them.


SD’s and Trainers regularly host trainings, which are an alternative way to earn points. You can earn up to 5 points in a normal training. The better you perform, the more points you get. The schedule of these trainings can be found at the Pinewood Builders Data Storage Facility. Keep an eye on the group shout as well.

Training rules
  • Listen to the host and follow his/her orders.
  • Join the server in time (preferably 5-10 minutes before the scheduled starting time), the host will whitelist and you won’t be able to get in if you’re late.
  • Do not take your loadouts, the host will give you what you need in every activity.
  • Always wear a PBST uniform in the training.
  • While anyone can assist a training, do not ask to be an assistant.
  • You can use the command !traininginfo at any PB facility to get info about frequently used terms in trainings, and information about PTS.

On top of the normal trainings, there can be a few other types of training:

  • Mega Training, every Sunday at 5:00 PM UTC. You can earn double points there (up to 10).
  • Disciplinary Training, which is stricter and more focused on discipline. You’ll be kicked from the training if you misbehave. Points are handed out normally (up to 5).
  • Hardcore Training, where even the slightest mistake will get you kicked. If you ‘survive’ to the end, you can earn up to 20 points.
  • Super Training, Hosted on special occasions. You can earn double points there (up to 10).

Keep an eye on the scheduler for any of these trainings.

Self-training (TIERS ONLY)

NOTE: Self-Training is only available to Tiers, as Cadets need to get familiar with the training discipline and patrols before they flesh out their skills.

If no Trainings or TMS raids are happening or scheduled, you can go to Sector 2 of the Activity Center to train yourself. There are several activities to choose from, and you can earn up to 3 points depending on your rank and the difficulty you choose.

Points, once exported, will have to be manually logged by a Trainer. The same applies for promotions. This may take some time, so be patient. Do not ask Trainers to log your points or promote you.

Becoming a Tier

Once you reach 100 points, you must participate in a Tier evaluation if you want to get the Tier 1 rank. It is not recommended to get more points before your evaluation, if you take the eval while having more than 150 points you’ll be set back to 150.

As with normal trainings, the scheduled Tier evaluations can be found on the schedule at Pinewood Builders Data Storage Facility. They will be hosted regularly to accommodate all timezones. There are no points to be earned in a Tier eval.

There is a specialized server for Tier evaluations, use the command !pbstevalserver to get there. This only works if you have 100+ points.

A Tier evaluation consists of 3 parts: a quiz, a combat eval, and a test on patrolling skills. The training rules will be heavily enforced in this eval, not following them will result in an immediate fail. If you pass some parts part but fail others, you may try again at another eval and skip any part you passed before.

During the quiz, you will receive 8 questions about various topics including this handbook and training rules. The questions will vary in difficulty, some are easy but others require more thinking. You need to score at least 5/8 to pass. Answering must be done privately through whisper chat or a Private Message system sent by the host.

During the combat eval, you will face 3 combat-related challenges: complete a Level 1 SF Bot Arena alone, survive Bomb Barrage with increasing levels, and score as many hits as possible in the Firing Range within 60 seconds. Each completed challenge will give points, as presented in this chart:

During the patrol test, you will receive Tier 1 loadouts and be tested on skills like your abilities in combat, teamwork, and following the handbook correctly. The Tier eval assistants will present you with various situations where you have to react to appropriately.

Assisting a Tier eval

NOTE: Assisting Tier evals will be done using a Communications server, which is therefore required.

Tier 1+ can volunteer to assist a Tier eval through the comms server. Their most important task is to play out all the scenarios in the patrol part of the eval. They also help out the host with the usual stuff.

Asssisting a Tier eval will get you points depending on how long you assisted. Only the assistants can earn points in the Tier eval.
30 Minutes - 3 points
1 Hour - 5 points
1 Hour and 30 minutes - 7 points
2 Hours - 10 points
2 Hours and 30 minutes - 13 points
3 Hours - 15 points


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