Pinewood Emergency Team Handbook


Pinewood Emergency Team

The following document is the official PET handbook, written by the PET Chief, AnuCat. Please read it carefully.

Welcome to the Pinewood Emergency Team, an elite group of the best rescue heroes working together to respond to emergencies across all Pinewood facilities!.

Above the flames!

Basic Duties

  • Extinguish fires.
  • Heal injured personnel.
  • Resolve disasters.
  • Keep coolant and generators up using cargo trains.
  • Provide last-ditch support in the core, should it reach over/below 3000/-3000 degrees.

Basic Rules

  1. Follow the ROBLOX Community Rules and the Pinewood Builders Game Rules at all times.

  2. Any PET uniform (matching top and bottom) may be worn while on duty. Activate your PET ranktag with the command “!setgroup pet”. What it means to be “on-duty” is touched upon in it’s own section on this handbook.

  3. A certain degree of discipline and composure is expected from the attendee at all Pinewood events- listen to your superiors and treat all with respect.

  4. Being “on duty” is defined by a number of factors and includes many ins and outs- also read up on the handbooks of Pinewood Builders Security Team and The Mayhem Syndicate after your are finished here for the best possible grasp on the restrictions you must abide by.

Going On-Duty

In order to be properly recognized as a PET respondent, you must fill the proper requirements to be on-duty.

An on-duty PET respondent must have their ranktag set to PET group (this can be done with the in-game command “!setgroup pet”), an official PET uniform work at all times and the handbook rules in their head. Seen below are the various examples of a PET respondent ready to go on-duty!

An on-duty PET respondent may NEVER carry TMS or PBST tools.

Temperature/Core Rules

As stated in the Basic Duties section, one of PET’s responsibilities is controlling the temperature of the core, should it exceed 3000 degrees or dip below -3000. This section goes into more detail about the core rules.

When the core is at a temperature of above 3000 degrees, or one below -3000, it is considered to be in a critical state. At this point, the core is extremely close to either a meltdown or freezedown event and PET is permitted to access the PBCC’s temperature changing controls.

PET members are permitted to cool/heat the core from the mentioned critical status temperature, to 2000/-2000 degrees.

During TMS raids, PET is only permitted to cool/heat the core from critical temperature, to 1000/-1000 degrees.


There are multiple event types that an attendee can get points from in PET. Events are hosted whenever a host would like, but are usually scheduled well in advance. Depending on the length and type, anywhere from 2-5 PET points can be earned from one event.

A special event called OPERATION: MEGA exists where you can earn up to 10 points!

Mini Patrol

Mini Patrols are the most common type of event hosted in PET. They take place in the public servers of PBCC and can be hosted by Expert Respondents and above. A Mini Patrol can last up to 30 minutes. Because of their short duration, Minis are jam-packed with action and are common targets of attacks by The Mayhem Syndicate! You can earn up to 3 PET points from a normal mini patrol, with the possible bonus of 4.


Full Patrols are the most classic and barebones event hosted in PET. They are hosted regularly by Specialists and usually take place in public PBCC servers, though on special occasions another facility may be patrolled. Under regular circumstances, a patrol can last as long as one hour. You can earn up to 5 PET points from a normal patrol, with a possible bonus of 6.

Community Patrol

The Community Patrol is a large, monthly event announced well in advance. It is the best chance PET gets each month to show off their skills and numbers.

The scheduling process is simple:
  1. At the end of each month, a list of possible times will be posted.
  2. Members of our communications server will be able to vote on the time that works best for them.
  3. After voting is completed, the event- up to 45 minutes in length- will be scheduled and hosted at the voted-upon time.

In order to bring together as many respondents as possible for the event, you can earn up to 8 points just for attending!


Trainings- sometimes also called “patrols”- are the secondary events in PET. They are not hosted often, but when they do take place it is usually in the PET private servers of the PBCC and PBSTAC. You can earn up to 5 PET points from a normal training.

Operation MEGA

The absolute largest, most team-based activity in PET! These events are very uncommon, no more than once a month but yield a large number of points. The idea is simple- a large PET group comes together and tackles multiple servers at the PBCC with the goal of resolving any and all disaster that may be occurring. You can earn up to 10 points from Operation MEGA!

Hosting Rules
  • If the last event was a Patrol, one has to wait 3 hours in order to host another event

  • If the last event was a Mini Patrol, one has to wait 2 hours in order to host another event

  • If the last event was a Training, one has to wait 3 hours in order to host another event

  • If the last event was a Community Patrol, one has to wait 5 hours in order to host another event

  • If the last event was an OPERATION MEGA, one has to wait 7 hours in order to host another event

Access the respective PET private servers of PBCC and PBSTAC by running chat command “!petserver” while in the public game!

During all events, the following is required:

  • One of the official PET Fire, PET Medical or PET HAZMAT uniforms- both shirt and pants. If you prefer not to spend ROBUX on a uniform, free uniform morphs can be found at both PBSTAC and PBCC.
  • Respect for your fellow attendees and host.
  • An attitude willing to participate and improve!

The Mayhem Syndicate and Raids

The Mayhem Syndicate is the raid group of PB and as such, will be a common adversary for any PET member. Certain rules need to be followed when dealing with Syndicate personnel, as well as when responding to their coordinated raids on the PBCC.

TMS Raids

TMS Raids are another event PET can earn points from, but differ quite a bit from the norm in that they are actually a TMS event. PET must abide by a different set of rules and must respect all restrictions imposed.

TMS Raids are scheduled well beforehand however, the specific PBCC game server being raided is unknown until the time of the event. Once a raid begins, TMS will join the server and attempt to cause a meltdown, killing all PBST on sight by default. It is PET’s job to keep security forces healed however, this can often be easier said than done and because of that, PET personnel are better spent performing other tasks.

Effective PET duties at raids include:

  • Repairing the coolant pipe
  • Keeping generators and coolant tanks filled, whether it’s via cargo train or respective button
  • Quickly dealing with radiation leaks and power outages
  • Suppressing obstructive fire spreads and engaging the Emergency Fire Suppression System when necessary
  • Despawning or disrupting potentially threatening nuke trains and helping to lead evacuation efforts

Even at raids, TMS will not be KoS (Kill on Sight) unless stated otherwise, by an Expert Respondent or above!

Raid Response and Points

An official, pointed raid response will usually be held by either an Expert Respondent or Specialist. It is your job as a PET responder to listen to the directions of the Expert or Specialist.

The amount of points that can be earned will vary depending on the raid’s level:

  • A Level 0- or Practice Raid typically awards no points, but one can be given as a bonus.
  • A Level 1 Raid can award up to 4 points under normal attendance, with 5 being given as a bonus
  • A Level 2 Raid can award up to 5 points under normal attendance, with 6 being given as a bonus
  • A Level 3 Raid, commonly referred to as a Mega Raid will usually have it’s pointing scale differ from Mega to Mega. For reference though, one can typically expect to earn 9 at most from normal attendance, with 10 or more being given as a bonus.

Raid point scales, like all point scales are very flexible and one should always keep that in mind!

PET will not always be welcome at raids. At the end of the day, raids are an event of TMS and due to that, others must respect the rules they decide to put into place (e.g. one raid, a host may prefer an all-out fight between TMS and PBST with all slots possible going to the fight). If PET is disallowed at a raid, you will know. It is your job as a respectful user to accept the fact and move on. Only a tiny fraction of the many, many raids hosted daily will impose rules restricting PET’s access and because of this, toxic and unsportsmanlike behavior on both sides regarding this matter will not be tolerated. Don’t cry and give a reason to restrict PET from more.

Ranking Up

Ranking up in PET is simple. Once you earn enough points and meet the requirements of the rank, you will be ranked up. There are evaluations in place to make sure PET only has only the best within their ranks. A higher rank gives you higher authority and enhanced permissions in PET, as well as minor gameplay buffs to the PET loadout med kit.

Rescue Hero (LR)

Rescue Hero

The entry rank for PET. Rescue Heroes are expected to look up to the higher ranks, and take them as an example of how to act.

Trained Respondent (LR)

Trained Respondent

The first rank that one can progress to. It is a big turning point for anyone participating in PET. Trained Respondents are held to a much, much higher standard than the average Rescue Hero. Trained Respondents are trusted with the ability to make meaningful PET calls.

Requirements: 50 points + pass Trained Respondent Evaluation

Evaluation- PBSTAC

  • Phase 1- Fire simulation activity, 5 flaming parts will be spawned with a cooldown of half a second between each part. Protect the cargo and extinguish all fires within 30 seconds.

  • Phase 2- Avoid damage from the juggernaut’s shots for 30 seconds. You will have 150 HP.

  • Phase 3- Answer 5 basic questions about the PET handbook and our duties around the PBCC. You only have to get 4 correct, but should really be aiming for 100%.

  • Phase 4- Pass a consensus from one Specialist other than the evaluator.

Special Permissions

  • Access to an improved PET med kit. This med kit heals 3 HP per second.
  • Access to the in-game “!call pet” command.
Experienced Respondent (MR)

Experienced Respondent

The second rank achievable through earning points. By the time one reaches the rank of Experienced Respondent, they are expected to know the ins and outs of PET operations in-game. Experienced personnel should expect to be seen as an example.

Requirements: 150 points + pass Trained Respondent evaluation

Evaluation- PBSTAC

  • Phase 1- Fire simulation activity, 7 flaming parts will be spawned with a cooldown of half a second between each part. Protect the cargo and extinguish all fires.

  • Phase 2- Complete level 1 of the “Bomb Barrage” simulation activity.

  • Phase 3- Get 10 hits within 50 seconds at the firing range.

  • Phase 4- Pass a consensus from two Specialists other than the evaluator.

  • You must be a Trained Respondent for two weeks before you can evaluate up to this rank.

Special Permissions

  • Access to an improved PET med kit. This med kit heals 4.5 HP per second.
Elite Respondent (MR)

Elite Respondent

The third and final rank achievable by only points. For the regular participant, this is the top. Elites are to be the best examples for aspiring emergency personnel and their actions must reflect this at all times.

Requirements: 300 points + pass Elite Respondent evaluation

Evaluation- PBCC

  • Phase 1- Refill coolant and generator fuel in one run of the cargo train. This must be completed in under 75 seconds.

  • Phase 2- Using the speed coil provided, turn off all core boost lasers and set the reactor power to 1 in under 35 seconds.

  • Phase 3- In 80 seconds or less, use the speed coil once again provided, fill up all three e-coolant pipes to a green capacity.

  • Phase 4- Pass a consensus from three Specialists other than the evaluator.

  • You must be an Experienced Respondent for three weeks before you can evaluate up to this rank.

Special Permissions

  • Access to an improved PET med kit. This med kit heals ~10.3 HP per second.
Expert Respondent (HR)

Expert Respondent

The first HR rank. An Expert Respondent has many enhanced permissions and responsibilities including the ability to host pointed patrols, as well as moderation abilities in the communications server.

Requirements: Handpicked + 500 points


  • Evaluated patrol, observed by a Specialist.

  • Passing consensus vote among current Specialists.

  • You must be an Elite Respondent for four weeks before you can be selected to evaluate up to this rank.

Special Permissions

  • Access to an improved PET med kit. This med kit heals 12 healing per second.
  • Host mini and full patrols.
  • Issue KoS orders in a pinch.
  • Override uniform requirements.
  • Moderation powers in the PET communications server.
  • Access to the PET group wall.
Specialist (HR)


The second HR rank. Specialists help the Chief manage PET. They vote on HR promotions, new PET policies and have the ultimate flexibility in terms of event hosting.

Requirements: Handpicked from Expert Respondents


  • Passing consensus vote among current Specialists.

Special Permissions

  • Access to an improved PET med kit. This med kit heals 16 HP per second.
  • All of the Expert Respondent and the following:
  • Immensely higher freedom in terms of types of events hosted.
  • Admin commands at the PET private servers of PBSTAC and PBCC.
  • Ability to vote and propose votes in PET.
  • Access to the PET database and ability to complete PET rankups.
Chief (HR)


The final PET rank. This, more or less is the leader of PET and is held by one individual. AnuCat is the current Chief. Permissions are more or less the same as an Specialist with the only "enhanced permissions" being command over the Specialists and full access in the communications server.

-Signed, The Chief