Pipe Dash (RACING MODE) is looking for feedback!

i appreciate that you didnt add gamepass popups every 30 seconds, unlike obby but your on a bike, which is honestly the worst obby i’ve ever played

I’m trying to keep monetization light, but sadly, that kind of agressive stuff works and Pipe Dash is barely earning anything from sales.

I plan to promote premium items more, but definitely no random popups. I like the idea of a pickup you can avoid which shows a popup when you touch it. Maybe I could even give out in-game coins for opening them :slight_smile:

New players will have a choice between a couple of initial boards, which should potentially be a bit of a hook to play more.

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Track names are here! Also, first time using player inputs for public display, so am a bit nervous, but I think I filter that text pretty good. I also only allow Latin letters and wrote a messy script to auto-replace common accented letters automatically. We shall see how it goes, but for now it’s only available to Builder Pass owners.


Bad news is that Roblox algorithm completely threw Pipe Dash to the trash (went from 200-300CCU to barely reaching 100). Could’ve been related to icon/thumbnail changes or sponsorships that lowered playtime and retention stats. Either way, very tired.

Good news, that one of the final major features is here… As of today, I started testing RACING MODE which launches multiple players in a single track at the same time and allows controlling the speed using a boost mechanic as well as being able to crash multiple times only losing speed and boost charge.

Couldn’t get a decent recording, because few players are trying it out and it’s slightly hidden while I work on fixing related bugs. But HOPEFULLY this will be a feature that bumps the stats up.

Racing mode in action!

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