Pipe Dash (RACING MODE) is looking for feedback!

Hello there,

After my first Roblox game badly flopped, I wanted to create something more accessible, but accidentally made a pretty rage-inducing skill-based obstacle avoidance game. A mix of Geometry Dash and Subway Surfers, just… in pipes.


At first I was going to build all of the obstacle courses, but hardcoding obstacle positions seemed insane and building in Studio was too limiting, so I started coding a track editor for myself only to realize that it would be a great addition to the game. Now it allows me to focus on improving the game while players create the content.

The game is about 70% done and I would really like some feedback on

  • Track editor interface and functionality
  • How hard was it to figure out what’s happening where as a new player (imagine, you didn’t see this thread before opening the game)
  • Obstacle ideas to improve variety are always welcome
  • General thoughts on gameplay/content/interface

Known issues:

  • Other player movement in pipes is replicated with a huge lag, so it’s very inaccurate
  • Using SHIFT in pipes can cause a few weird glitches
  • Lack of sound, music, effects, particles, animations and environment details
  • Most of the obstacles look really bad
  • Can’t do 360 in the pipes, but that will be added as a track option in the future
  • Track editor can be very confusing at the start
  • Most of the user-made tracks are REALLY hard, especially to those who don’t like reaction games
  • Not sure if an issue, but there are no game passes or paid items (planned, but not the priority)
  • Game name (Pipes) and icon are temporary (or so I think)

Thank you for any kind of feedback and thank you for playing!


Over the last few days I managed to roll out a couple of huge updates and, after multiple polls and AI advice, choose the name Pipe Dash.

  • Added a tipping system which allows players to reward track builders with game pass/clothing purchases
  • Mobile version is now available and performance feedback is always welcome. There’s no way to create your own tracks on touch devices just yet.
  • Moved all of the dynamic obstacles from server to client, because they were causing quite a bit of lag when more players were in the server
  • Optimized the heck out of those dynamic obstacles

Next stops:

  • Making the track editor usable on mobile
  • Gamepad support to roll out the game on consoles
  • Some kind of monetization, lol

Awesome game, will blow up for sure


Glad to hear! There’s still so much work left to do, but it’s encouraging to see players already enjoying the game as is. Seeing full server (~20+) in the evenings is amazing, even tho it still does lag a bit when more people join.


Almost went insane, but rewritten ~80% database code, since servers kept ovewritting each others data before. Also, track builder is now available on mobile, so maybe players will start building easier tracks now.


Added an option to create 360 tracks for those builders who want to use ceiling too. It breaks my brain!


Awesome game. One minor point though. Some of the featured player made pipes seem to be impossible. Perhaps have some of your own pipes ranging in difficulty from easy to extreme and make sure they are able to be finished.


Thank you! Difficulty is a big problem at the moment. Maybe even the biggest one (few mobile players can complete any tracks), so I’m trying to figure out how to push creators towards easier builds as well as feature more completeable tracks. Contest is one such idea.Worst case scenario - I’ll have to start building them myself :slight_smile:

Btw, all of the featured tracks are completable! Some took me ~100 attempts, but I did it. Not a good look for the game’s accessibility, but it really feels good when you finally beat some “torture track”.


feels like it would be a flash game


Flash games were fun, so I’ll take that as a positive thing! :slight_smile:


Really reminds me of that tree galaxy where you had to slide in Mario Galaxy 2, it’s awesome.


This is a really neat game!
I really like how anyone can make their own tracks however they want and how it lets people be a little creative with what they have.

I think the interface is pretty alright for now and it did take me a bit to find out where the track workshop area was and how to start building, but thats not really an issue for me.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or its an intentional limit but it appears that a maximum of 10 pipe segments are allowed on the course. If this isnt a bug, maybe there should be an indicator telling you that theres no more rings to be added to the track, since I have built about 12 segments but I couldnt find the extra ones I created in the published version of the track.

Many of the test tracks are very hard but it feels pretty good to beat one after a while

Maybe you can make it so people can choose their own colors for their track out of a preset selection and allow people to use parts as decoration as well

Other than that though this game is really fun and I hope it gets a lot of players soon!


Really good game and well built! Well done and I Wish you the best of luck! :smiley:


Thank you very much for playing, feedback and help with the exploit!

  • The tutorial and more hand-holding for the editor is in plans
  • 10 rings is a limit at the moment, but will be relaxed (either for free or as a bonus from a building-related pass) and there will be a note about the limit
  • More track customization is already planned (more obstacle variations, colors, maybe even themes)

But yeah, I first have to solve the difficulty barrier, because as much as it is fun to beat a hard track after 50 tries, I can’t expect many people to do that.


Ooof… This took me a while, so I hope at least a few of builders will be thankful for an option to multi-select objects and drag them in groups. Deletion also works with group selections and so does angle/position adjustments via UI.

This functionality is not public yet, because I still have a bunch of places to test and rewrite.


Editor changes are now public and with multi-select it is much easier to use. Not sure how to properly do multi-select on mobile just yet.

Next stop: an option to copy and paste objects. Might even work for transfering obstacle sets not only from one ring to another, but also from one track to another.


This game actually looks like it could do well, thats just in my opinion.

Also, is this game based off of any other game, outside/inside roblox?

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Thank you! It’s a bit too difficult to have a wide appeal, but I hope to find some ways to balance things out.

Not based on any specific games, although players already compared it to multiple things. In reality, I wanted a simple move-and-dodge game, but with really smooth movement, and my mind went to snowboards + ramps. Pipe seemed like a good and a bit unusual way to limit the playable area. And then the track editor happened. And then the tip jar happened. The latter I don’t push too much just yet, but it could be something that keeps players in.

  • Added support for gamepad controls
  • Made the game available on consoles
  • Reportedly, it works, but editor might be too messy on a controller right now

With console support it is time to test some sponsored ads, because mobile version is too difficult and PC sponsorships are way too expensive. The results… Not too bad. Both CTR and Conversion Rate are close to or even higher than my old game sponsorships, but CPP/CPC much higher.