Pirate Island- DevBlog: Super Bloxy Odyssey Alpha Demo ---Performance Update Two!

Looking good so far. The pirate ships would be enemy ships. It would be an excellent idea to add ally ships because the majority of that concept would give you treasure maps, booby trap locations and more pirate stuff. You should add sunken ships and some Atlantis inspired buildings. I think the Atlantis is interesting because you could make an urban legend about a masterpiece like the Atlantis and where it is right now in the game. You should make quests for you to complete for a currency. The currency would be named “Gold” because pirates collect gold when they go through stuff. In Pirates of the Caribbean, there were pirate towns by the seaside where they visited sometimes.

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Omg another 5 days have passed already. Its crazy how long its taking to put all this together.
Things i’ve added apart from building a new lagoon island thing… include an improved double jump, custom death animations and local music control and ambience…

Nice View?

Sea Cliff

hidden lagoon

hidden lagoon fountains

spooky shipwreck cave

the path to the fire challenge

Only a few more things to do which is basically the gui, and a few custom animations, as well as a starting and ending screen/animation/stuff for the level.
Hope all you guys are doing well and your projects are going great!
Still haven’t started alpha testing yet so if you are interested join the group —> My lil vampires - Roblox


Urgh Still not there yet, lol so much work. This week i been mostly fixing the little things that really bother me, like beams and particle effects react completely differently depending on the graphic quality of the player, + there is also no way to find out this quality level for sure, so I’ve been forced to changed some things to ensure visual aspects don’t break on higher/lower graphics settings…
Basically i’ve lost my lovely curving water falls unless i spend ages hooking up lots of single segmented beams, which i cant be bothered to do… so really annoying i think it looks ok in the end tho

low settings - should work on your iphone

high settings - still not that intensive, probably want a graphics card tho.


Omg its been like 2 weeks again, its amazing how far behind i am lol. I think i promiced an alpha a month ago… :frowning_face:
This week i been building the Npc’s and the quests and the GUI, as well as the E “interaction” system
Guess i better show something or whats the point…
Here Are Some Cats Playing Poker

I need to work out how to do animation weight properly to allow for smooth transfer between animations… I also need robux so i can upload some voices for them :stuck_out_tongue: , but then we all need robux… Hopefully i’ll be able to get some donations when i release a demo…
Anyways hope you are all doing great and all your projects are going well. Peace!


Wow imagine cats playing poker :grin: Some of the celebrating animations are slightly clunky looking obviously they will fit more once you get the sound on, But i love the part where the black cat is scanning his cards, its just such an imaginative concept and i think that would be so cool and funny in a roblox game :sweat_smile: Keep up the Amazing Work :+1:t2: :sparkles:

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I think the problem im having with the animations is they are overlapping each other… is that possible??? dunno…def needs more work. Really glad you like the concept tho :slight_smile:

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This looks really good! Almost reminds me of crash bandicoot with the level design.

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Jungle run! Just a joke, I really love the realism. It’s AMAZING.

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Lol no joke, it would make a good roblox game XD

  • thanks dude, really means alot! :smiley:

Incredible job, this will probably become a front-page game!


I would like to test this game if possible, I love the pirate theme

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Haha awesome! the big plan is its actually space themed and you visit different planets - the demo is defiantly all pirates tho XD join the group… I promise i will post something soon!


Hello mate , I am really interested in becomning a tester for your game . Add me DeHarchy#4969


Very nice! The tropical feel is really coming through.

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Is that a discord name>? I was planning to set up a discord but i just havent got round to it… Otherwise please join the group… + yeah def add me as a roblox friend or whatever, i use it to chat sometimes…

I like the lighting a lot and the atmosphere but my personal problem would be the building, it’s literally just bricks with texture all over the place and you mostly used meshes. Now if this is apart of the game style then I think it’s good but if it isn’t I would recommended trying to add more detail to the pillars and such. Overall it looks really good and original (also how do I signup for alpha tester? :thinking:)

Yes it’s my discord name tag , I added you .

Join here for alpha testing —> https://www.roblox.com/groups/5619045/My-lil-vampires#!/about

I’m not really sure what you mean… Everything is just bricks and textures XD
I always want to add more detail, but the big problem im having is optimization… Meshes are way more efficient than unions, so trying to get the most out of roblox is what has shaped the graphical style.
But overall im going for a sorta high poly cartoony feel.
But mostly im just trying to finish. I’m way less worried about adding brick detail than i would have been 2 months ago XD
Anyways join the group, be nice to have you, love the cyberpunk stuff btw hope thats going well!

  1. Thanks for the info about alpha testing and sorry about me not fully explaining what I mean by “bricks with textures” I meant by, A single brick part with a texture slapped on it.
    (shown here)
    I understand what style you are trying to go for but I figured it didn’t really add brick detail.
  2. Thanks for liking my builds lol, I’m very lazy with that stuff though but, progress is coming along and ye, I’ll join the group.

Wow this is amazing, I cant wait to do some alpha testing for you.
Did you make everything in the game your self because if you did it must have taken ages, its so cool. I hope I can help test soon. From Cre8tor :slight_smile:

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