Pivot points are completely broken

Whenever I select a part of model that is not aligned to a 90 degree axis, its pivot point gets automatically reset to an incorrect orientation.

I’ve attempted to rectify it by resetting the pivot point to be in the correct alignment, but it always resets to 0, 0, 0, in fact the whole pivot properties no longer works.

I have no clue what is causing this, but I would greatly appreciate any assistance towards this issue as it makes building nearly impossible.


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How about trying Ctrl-L? This means that it switches the direction of the roblox tools to Local or Global. If that does not work, then it must be a bug or glitch


Thank you so much! I have been experiencing this issue for literal months at this point and it has made it very difficult because I only make models using Roblox unions. I do have a question though. Does Roblox even show this anywhere? I would think they do however it appears not. I don’t think I’ll get a reply because this topic is quite old at this point but maybe I will. Thank you again for the solution.

You mean changing the pivot? Well, there is a button on the model tab that says: “Reset Pivots” if the model is messed up. Happy to help!

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I mean pressing Ctrl and L to change between local and global for the Roblox tools.

Oh, if you right click a model or part, there should be a button that says “Use World Space” toggle this to local or global

Nothing shows that if I right click a part or a model.

Video or screenshot of this occurring? Make sure the part/model is unlocked.

Nothing here says anything about Ctrl + L.