PivotTo Drift Issues

I use the PivotTo method to rotate the car wheels and the parts seem to drift apart over time. I have been getting a lot of reports about this bug.

This bug is still present as of 25 Nov 2021

The Issue

The wheel model is moved and rotated using PivotTo every RenderStepped. The parts will drift apart over time, every time.

A few players were kind enough to report this bug. Images are from the live game.


The PivotTo method was meant to get rid of this bug by caching the offset

It does not have floating point drift issues. PivotTo caches part offsets internally, so even if you move a model every single frame using PivotTo , the parts will always stay perfectly aligned
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I am also using PivotTo to move the rest of the car body but this bug is only affecting the wheel model.
Also, the wheel parts start to drift away faster when the player has another window open or has the Roblox window minimized.

Replicate : Bug present in my current game.
Issue Area: Engine
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly