Pixel Art Survival Game - Basic movement - Devlog #01

Heya! I’ve started work on a pixel art survival game, which I have no name for yet, and no clear vision of it, but I do have a general idea (I will be making a design document shortly).

I want to build a community around it while working on it, as to have atleast a small player base on launch day, so I am starting a devlog of sorts. I also started a twitter account, I will also post updates there.

I will be breaking up the devlog into several posts, each for another major part of the game (for example movement, monsters & combat, inventory & crafting systems etc.), and replying to them with smaller updates, as to not flood the #help-and-feedback:cool-creations section with separate posts.

Devlog #01 - Basic movement

For now the movement will be as simple as it gets, WASD to move in four directions. Not much more there is to say for now. Next, I will be making the movement a little smoother by tweening the player model and camera in the direction they are moving.
The character sprites are not mine, they are just placeholders

Update 1:


Hello! This is very cool, I have always thought about making a 2d engine on Roblox. I will be following the devlog, keep it up.

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Cool! It looks like an old Legend of Zelda game!

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Devlog #01 - Basic movement - Tweening and collision detection

Added objects that you cannot walk through, blue resembles water, gray resembles rocks - obviously you can’t walk on water (unless you’re Jesus), and I wish you could walk through hard rock, but sadly you can’t.

Also tried smoothing up movement via tweening, player model tweening is server side, though, so it looks a bit shoddy. Good enough for now.

Next up, I will try my luck at procedural world generation. If I am capable of doing that, then every server in the game will have a procedurally generated world, structures and what not. If not, then I will hand craft a world.

Also, give me some ideas for the game name!

It might help if I knew more about the game, like a story behind it, where it takes place, etc.

Hey your game and character looks crazy cool, but I suggest making the background of the character transparent cuz then it looks better. But great work!

I think he’s probably going to do that before releasing the game, but he has it there for testing now,

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Right, that would help. Maybe I shouldn’t take name suggestions right now, then :sweat_smile: I don’t know the details of it just yet, right now I am only making things I 100% know I’ll need.

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That is exactly right. I mentioned that the character sprite is not mine, and just a placeholder. The sprite isn’t a png, so I can’t remove the background.