Place saving bug

When I’m in studio and I’ve published the stuff I created, it doesn’t save for some odd reason and I’ve been losing tons of work that I’ve done in studio.


Hey! :slight_smile: This is the scripting support board not studio bugs. You should post it in the appropriate section or ask your friend to do it. Hope you find the answer to your problem, cheers!

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The unfortunate issue here is that new members don’t have permission to post bug reports, otherwise, the appropriatae category would be #bug-reports:studio-bugs.

In my personal opinion new members should absolutely be able to post bug reports, and I’m not really sure why they can’t. I hope this changes in the near future - the only issue would be thread-flooding with easily fixable things most likely.

Rant aside, here’s what I recommend you do:

  1. Use the DevForum’s search feature and try to find people who have had the same issue in the past.
  2. Reinstall Roblox Studio.

If possible, see if you can publish from another laptop or computer, this would provide whether the issue is on Roblox’s end or your end.


Doesn’t Give me the option, But thanks.


I tend to work locally if deving a game alone to avoid this issue.

That isn’t very helpful :thinking:

Here’s something that occurs to me often as well: bad connection issues

I would accidentally move my computer to my bed while working or something, and I would lose connection, but studio will still ask to publish, even with bad connection issues, which is strange, because it shouldn’t do that. Just make sure your connection is good, otherwise, its a studio bug.

New members can file bug reports. See section 15.1 of the official rules:

As seen above, you are not allowed to post threads for other people. Suggesting they ask their friend isn’t good advice.

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I don’t see what’s wrong with asking a question on behalf of someone, doesn’t really matter who asks it as long as you get an answer, but ok.

It’s against the rules. That’s what’s wrong with it.

:ok_hand: noted

To get this thread back on track, @Toopex, as a temporary solution is it possible to locally save your work before publishing? It’s what I do for all TC sessions and really is just a good habit to get into.

As for publishing things and finding that didn’t save, there’s a lot of issues that may be happening and it’s hard to pin down a single cause based on the info you’ve provided.

  • It could be connection issues like @ClutchDeveloper suggested.
  • It could be that another developer on your team is in another TC server for the same game slot. It’s a very uncommon bug but does happen, resulting in whoever’s session ends last is the version that overwrites.
  • Some other issue that I don’t even know about.

But know that saving locally is your band-aid solution so you can keep on your work schedule while you wait for your answer from someone more qualified than I.

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New members CAN post bug reports, but not in the traditional way. Rule 15.1 of the devforums says to group DM top contributers about it

They can file bug reports to top contributers, but they can’t post a thread on their own is what I was saying.

I have gone ahead and unlisted this topic. If you wish to report a bug, you can do so by privately messaging our Top Contributors and have them approve your request.

Make sure to read the Steps to Report a Bug topic found here.

Developer Engagement Team

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Alright, Thanks.