Place spritesheets for internal Explorer and Object Browser icons within the asset folders

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to to access and use the default Roblox icons for the Object Browser and Explorer.

At the moment, it is technically possible to rip these assets from the studio executable where they can then be uploaded elsewhere and used, but that is beyond the capacity of most developers and it is impossible to maintain without uploaded new assets whenever a new asset icon is added or updated. If the spritesheets for the explorer icons and the object browser icons were included in the asset folders, it would remove this step entirely and allow for automatic usage of these icons (with some help from external sites to host ReflectionMetadata information).

This would be incredibly convenient and would allow GUIs to use internal icons that were consistent. Icons are important for quickly identifying instances’ classes and general recognition. Plugins and GUIs already use uploaded versions of these icons (SteadyOn’s Instance Scanner being a good, recent example) but they’re out of date, low resolution, or simply not maintained.

As for Object Browser icons, the same basic idea applies. They could be used for labeling purposes that would allow people to quickly identify what something was as they already knew it from Studio.

In a perfect world this would come with some kind of access to ReflectionMetadata or some form of API to get where an Instance’s icon would lie on the sprite sheet, but that’s more appropriate for a separate feature request if this becomes a thing.

(I am unclear where this should go, considering it’s not really an “engine” request so much as a “give us an extra two images in the folders” request. I stuck it here to be safe, but if someone wants to move it I’m or tell me where it should go, I’m more than happy with that.)


I think roblox Studio uses the FamFamFam Silk icon set - Tiffnix made a plugin that contains all their images. I don’t know if it’s a sprite sheet, but it may be what you’re after:

Her plugin:

FamFamFam Silk:

Edit: Found the sprite sheet:


I’m unfortunately after the internal icons. Roblox does use the Silk icon set for most of their icons but for more recent Instances and the Object Browser, they’re unique icons. It’s also not a sprite sheet, which is a single image that contains all the icons in a specific order.

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Oh alright then. Well you could always access most of the icons by going to the following folder path, but like you said most devs don’t have that kind of knowledge about the engine so yea something like this might be nice. Here’s the path:

You can reference any one of the images in that folder in your game by putting Content\Image.png in the Asset bar instead of an asset ID link, at no cost to network speeds.

Again, I’m after the internal icons. I hate to keep correcting or pushing your help aside because it’s appreciated, but I’m more talking about this spritesheet:

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I’m pretty sure that’s a combination between FamFamFam Silk Icons and custom ones by staff designed to work with the recent release of Dark Theme. There’s very few icons that differ from FFFSI, if any at all.

That’s… Not true. At all. And to clarify, that spritesheet in particular would be incredibly useful to have in the asset folder. Not just the icons in general.

What’s not true? What are you looking for then? Almost all of these icons are available in the FFFSI set and I’m sure I can prove that to you. See this post for reference.

I strongly doubt that Roblox would add these images by default to the Images tab. Not everyone wants it, including myself.

Are we looking at the same set here? Most of the assets used by Roblox for the Explorer are modified variants of the Silk set or completely unique. Very few are straight raw from it.

And again. Just make a new folder in the assets folder of the files with these spritesheets. That’s what I’m requesting. This isn’t a debate as to whether you can get them somewhere else or make them yourself.

@colbert2677 is right that most of the icons in studio are found in the FamFamFam Silk icon set, but @Dekkonot has a point that many of the icons, such as those for UnionOperations, Humanoids, Fire, Cylinder Constraints, Color Corrections, Spawn Locations, Flags, VehicleSeat, Lasso, etc. are not found in the stock FamFamFam Silk icon set, and it would be very conveniant to have a singe sprite sheet that contains all of these icons in one, including the Roblox Studio, Roblox Player, and Loading icons found in appdata.



Now I’m kind of curious: where do they come from?

Places :tm:

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Probably graphic designers at roblox, or Ron the gas station clerk at the shell down the street.

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Yeah, my tag editor plugin uses a spritesheet of all the Famfamfam Silk icons. The code can be found here:

The code references an asset ID which can be found here:

This spritesheet is not ideal because it puts no padding between the icons, and it’s also only 1x scaled (so if the icons are upscaled at all they will be blurry). I haven’t bothered to regenerate it from the original sources (which is a zip of several hundred 16x16 png files).

Feel free to drop it into your project. Like everyone already said though, some of the Instance icons are Roblox-created created ones that are not present in the original Silk pack. In addition, I provide no mapping from ClassName -> icon name.

It would make sense to expand this little module into a standalone library that includes both the custom Roblox icons as well as the ClassName mapping. That would make it even more generally useful.

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