Play solo button is disabled when you have a script open when debugger is disabled


Just started today. Happens in all places.

This only happens when the debugger is disabled in Studio.


I can’t replicate this, maybe only in TC?




Testing buttons are disabled in Script Menu

Any chance you were using some form of animation editor as well as editing a script? I’ve had this happen once after that.


Happens to me consistently, all the time.



This is a known issue that occurs when the debugger is disabled in Studio’s settings.

Cannot press Play from the Script menu anymore

That would be it then


I’ve had this for months. I didn’t realize it was caused by the debugger. Here’s my old bug report:


I’m getting this too and I have the debugger disabled.


This is still an issue


Can we expect a fix for this?


1 month = 1 bump

It’s been half a year since this issue was reported :frowning:


This issue has gone on far too long - I’ll raise it internally and see if we can get it fixed.


We will fix this issue.

Out of curiosity - why do you disable the script debugger?


This issue is finally fixed.