Play Together Sorting Showing Free Vip Servers


Hello everyone so recently I was browsing the Roblox front page of games. I decided to look through the “Play Together (10 Robux VIP Servers)” section and I noticed that ever sense Roblox added Free VIP servers some of them were using them but still promoted as 10 Robux according to the sorter. I noticed this bug on some of the promoted games like Vehicle Simulator, Super Striker League, Roblox High School 2, Robloxian High School. Just to name a few of them.


I’m using Safari version 13.0.5. but this doesn’t matter due to the fact it’s on all platforms from what I can tell.




This seems more pedantic than a bug. I guess the text should read “10 robux or less” if you really want to be accurate, but the spirit of the sort is that these games have affordable VIP servers for playing together with friends.


Yeah I get that but the thing is they’re not 10 Robux. For those of us (including my self) their games are taking up the space that we could have cause our games are actually 10 Robux. It isn’t really a big deal but just figured I’d point it out cause it doesn’t line up with the category and just takes up room.

I feel this catagory should be converted to free vip servers, since I feel that was the sort of idea roblox was trying to promote which was not possible at the time.


Soon :tm:


Closing this out as it isn’t a bug