Player Age Rating For Policy API

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to balance out having content for the older and younger audience.

Currently my game is being forced to be put at a 13+ game rating simply because the “Blood” is too realistic. We can really easily straight up remove all blood effects in game for users under 13 but currently there isn’t anything on the Policy API for us to use.

I am not requesting us to know the players specific age since that is unnecessary, if possible, we just need to know what bracket the player falls under for the games age rating via the Policy API.

If this was added, we would also need a new option in the questioner similar to how the “paid random items” is setup.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I would be able to open up my game to users under 13 while still keeping the older audience happy.


This is what we need. If this was implemented, then we could make our games accessible to everyone.


Thanks for this feedback. I believe there is a similar suggestion here. The team is investigating the best approach to this and we’ll share more when it’s available!


Add my voice to this, it becomes a big problem for putting games on Xbox because they are so strict about this. It’s easy enough to just “turn off blood for Xbox users” and let them have fun. I know there is already a hacky way to detect Xbox, but it can still run into issues with Roblox when you tell them “my game has no blood, let it be on Xbox” and then every other device (PC, Mobile, etc.) has blood all over the place. :grin:

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There also is a hacky way to check if a player is likely under 13 via sending a test string through the chat filter using the player’s settings and simply checking if the filtered string is different from the original test string. You just need a test string that you 100% know is almost always filtered to U13s and never filtered for 13+


local Chat = game:GetService("Chat")
local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local TestString = "filteredforu13s"

function Joined(plr)
local FilteredString = Chat:FilterStringAsync(TestString, plr, plr)
if FilteredString ~= TestString then -- Most likely U13 --
print("This player is under 13!")
else -- 13+ --
print("This player is 13+!")

It’s not hacky, it’s a function supported by Roblox themselves.

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Yeah that can work but my game would still get flagged by moderation for having “realistic” blood.


Exactly, using hacks won’t protect you from moderation if you claim your game “has no blood” but only for Xbox or under 13 for example. It’s an all or nothing setup currently. :sweat_smile:

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