The recent addition of Age Recommendations should be grounded in PolicyService

With the recent preview of Age Recommendations we’re able to answer questions based on what our experience contains, such as violence and blood.

As a Roblox developer while this is great and actually something we’ve been asking for, the current system is quite restrictive and doesn’t allow us to tailor our experiences based on the user.

My experience along with many others on the platform have gore / blood as an optional effect that can be disabled (or is even disabled by default). The issue with how things are currently set up is that we’re only left with two options: restrict our audience massively or completely disable blood/gore for everyone instead of only a subset of players.

My proposal is to add a gore / blood option to policy service and allow us to specify in the experience questionnaire if we follow the policy API (as is already done for paid random items and paid item trading). This would allow us to tailor our experiences to younger audiences as well as older audiences, and would allow parents to still specify if blood or gore should be shown.


I agree with this. As a developer who has created experiences with blood and gore, I would like to be able to tailor to everybody when possible.

I’m not sure if anybody remembers, but even the classic Call of Duty BO1 has an explicit content option, in which blood and language could be disabled.

I think settings such as these allow a wider audience to access an experience, and in the end, benefits both Roblox and the creator.


Thanks for the feedback and for sharing the specific use case here! We’ve highlighted this for the Age Recommendations team to take into consideration.