Setting this to false prevents the player from respawning upon death. There are annoying cases in which the game thinks the character has died and forces a respawn in 5 seconds, and it isn’t very controllable.


game.Players.CharacterAutoLoads might be what you’re looking for


Yes, that works but it also applies to all players. There’s currently no way to disable it for specific players.

That’s why you could define your own respawn with Player:LoadCharacter(), where you can decide if they respawn or not yourself

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Aaand then you have to detect if the player has died. I shouldn’t have to do that much just to disable a respawn.

What are the use cases for this in which using CharacterAutoLoads set to false with a custom respawn system (which provides you the most control, if anything) would be too complicated or too much?

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I just find it annoying that I have to make a custom respawn system just to disable respawning for a single player.

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Here you go!

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I can make a respawn system, I just find it unnecessary to have to make one in the first place.

But with this proposed feature won’t you have to make a custom respawn anyway? How else will the people with auto respawn off die?

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Implementing your own respawn shouldn’t be that annoying. Seeing how they give you an example on the wiki.

I’m pretty sure this feature isn’t what your looking for because it seems you just want a fix to whatever is killing off your players causing them to respawn.

Seeing how you don’t want certain people to die from glitches, but still want players to die from w.e in-game mechanics you have. It’s better off to figure out what’s causing the uncontrollable deaths.


The reason ‘I just find it annoying’ is not a valid reason and is personally I think this kind of attitude only adds “features” and makes a mess of the API…


I’d have to agree most with this.

It’s just not that hard to create your own respawn system to control how you want it to work. Here’s a template if you want one:

local RESPAWN_TIME = 5

function PlayerAdded(player)
	local function CharacterDied()
		-- Here you can dictate whether or not to respawn the character
	local function CharacterAdded(character)
		local humanoid = character:WaitForChild("Humanoid")