PlayerFriendedEvent was deleted from CoreScripts

Today in our game Adopt Me we suddenly started encountering errors whenever we called PlayerFriendedEvent.

This has broken our friend’s list in game suddenly and doesn’t update after a player adds someone.

While it’s clear that calls to Set/Get core should be pcalled, it would be greatly appreciated if there was some warning beforehand if changes like this were done intentionally.

We first heard reports that this system in the game wasn’t working a few hours ago, but likely happened earlier

Some other developers are encountering this too:


We actually had to emergency patch RHS thismorning due to a SetCore error as well.

Somehow we had never run into this error before despite relying on a race condition - but a recent change made us hit this 100% of the time.



Can confirm. I am unable to use PlayerFriendedEvent both in studio and in production. This has broken my custom playerlist and I am having to remove this functionality until the issue is resolved.


My game Deathrun was affected as well. It seems like, despite us not using PlayerFriendedEvent in the game, other GetCore and SetCore calls are also affected in their initalization duration. In a LocalScript one of these calls was not wrapped in pcall and despite it never encountering this issue before (it takes a while before the script is run), it suddenly broke for 100% of players.

edit; seems related to TopbarEnabled being removed? We removed this call from the game.

Emergency-fixed it right away, but it is worrying that behavior like this is changed without an announcement.


My game Gravity Gunners was affected by TopbarEnabled failing. Ended up breaking our loading screen and menu system. Really wish there was a warning or announcement that this was being removed, or at least have it throw a warning instead of an error.


This issue completely broke Ultimate Driving’s leaderboard. If this was intentional, why was no one told about this? And if this was unintentional, how on earth did this issue make it all the way to production? This is atrocious.


I’m honestly surprised we weren’t given at least a small notice that this change was happening now. Luckily none of my games were affected, but more transparency would be much appreciated.

(I’m also surprised a couple of you guys had code that depended on the timing of corescripts, but I’d chalk that up to Roblox’s weird implementation of GetCore and SetCore that exposes those timings. Wrap your Get/SetCores in a pcall :stuck_out_tongue:)


Yeah. This broke many of the games I used to work on and a game that I’m working on right now. I usually wrap them in a pcall but still, this has never happened before and now the Roblox staff aren’t even responding to this thread! It’s pretty astonishing.


We need a response / report from Roblox ensuring us that policies are going to be put in place to ensure random changes like this aren’t shipped in the future.

Breaking multiple top games by removing functionality with no heads up is not acceptable!


Lesson learned, that’s for sure, silly me for expecting API to not vanish into thin air I guess

Heck at this point any sort of acknowledgment would be fantastic! An API goof breaks top games and no staff acknowledges the issue a day after it was first reported? Goodness


Hey all,

Thank you for the report, we appreciate it. We’ve escalated to engineers and will follow up soon with more information.


Thanks to everyone for raising this. PlayerFriendedEvent was mistakenly removed as part of the most recent client release on 7/29. We are investigating how this happened and will follow up when this is patched.

A fix will be issued tonight, 7/30.

In general, we recommend that all calls to GetCore and SetCore should be wrapped in a pcall & retry wrapper in order to provide a layer of redundancy and safety.

We’ll be using this incident to improve our processes and automated test coverage around Get/SetCore calls so this and related bugs don’t reoccur.

Edit: This has been resolved.


Emergency patch has been released: